Eyeshadow Palettes Worth Investing In

There are literally hundreds of eyeshadow palettes available with new collaborations and limited-edition palettes being released all the time. And while it’s tempting to pick up every new one that scrolls through our feeds, it’s just not practical. So, we’ve rounded up a few options that are worth investing in.

A great eyeshadow palette has enough variety in the shades that you can easily use every single one of them. But, you don’t want the shades to be so contrasting that they can’t all be used together in some way or another. All of these picks give you plenty of options and mean you won’t need to be collecting drawers full of palettes filled with colours you won’t use.

Basics By B Face Palettes $60

Call us bias but of course we’d have to put the Basics by B Face Palettes at the top of the list. They’ve been created to be completely versatile and the curation of shades make them great for all skin tones and creating a wide variety of makeup looks. The original features shades that lean toward the warmer side while the Face Palette 2.0 is for those who prefer cooler shades. Of course, you also have the added convenience of a bronzer, blush and highlighter include, all of which can also be used as eyeshadows. The pigments are honestly the best you’ll ever see, and the powder are buttery and rich- even the matte colours.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Soft Glam Eyeshadow Palette

These soft and blendable shadows allow you to create light daytime looks or build up the pigment for punchy and dramatic designs. Within this combination of shades, you’ve got all of the base colours you’ll need with a few interesting pops that you won’t find in the average palette.

Too Faced Born This Way The Natural Nudes

Filled with a versatile mix of nudes, browns, flattering rosy pink shades and some great pops of metallic colour, this palette allows you to easily create hundreds of day and evening looks. The genius of this palette is the slightly larger pan for the matte shades making it practical and one you likely use down to the last pigment.

Morphe X Maddie Zieglar The Imagination Palette

If you’re not afraid to try something new with your eyeshadow looks, then this palette is for you. It still has your nudes and light brown shades to create soft and tonal daytime looks but also has some on trend neons that are create for a fun pop of colour.

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