Creative Nail Designs For The Modern Minimalist

You can easily spend hours scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest getting lost in the endlessly cool nail art designs. Talented technicians are able to create some pretty amazing things that make your regular French tip look beyond boring.

But what do you choose when you’re a minimalist who loves to keep things toned down but still exciting? If you love a fun, fresh and modern manicure but don’t want anything too OTT, these looks will serve as the perfect inspiration.


Nail art by @nails_of_la

This mani is the perfect combination of contrasting colours and geometric shapes done in just the right way to create a sense of fun while still being perfectly minimal.


Nail art by

Sticking with the classic colours of a French mani, these soft swirls keep things fresh, light and modern for a mani that gets noticed without being too loud.


Nail art by @paintboxnails

Choosing two classic colours that contrast just right makes for a manicure that pops but is still minimal enough to wear daily through work and play.


Nail art by @cjartistrygirls

Sometimes the smallest touches can make for the most beautiful nail designs. The key is sticking with classic and muted shades and using polish placement to create a little intrigue.


Nail art by @trophywifenailart

Want to really dial up the fun while still keeping things minimal? Opt for a variety of shapes, patterns and line sizes while sticking to soft colours for an all-out modern minimalist look.

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