Meet the Basics by B Face Palette 2.0!

Just when you thought your morning makeup routine couldn’t get any better with the Basics by B Face Palette by your side, the Face Palette 2.0 has just launched to show you that it can!

Like the original, the 2.0 comes with five buttery and blendable eyeshadow shades in a fresh set of colours along with a shimmering highlighter, blush and the same Crete bronzer you know and love from the Face Palette 1.0.

In this new and reimagined version, the colours lean toward the cooler side giving you the perfect counterpart to the warmer tones of the original. Every shade has been carefully chosen to suit both warm and cool skin tones in every shade and they’re perfect for any age. Even better, the colours in this collection can all be mixed and matched to create countless makeup looks for day, night and special events. Let’s take a closer look…

Bonnie wears colours from the Face Palette 2.0

Honolulu: a cool-toned pinky nude colour with a touch of dusty peach. Great for creating everyday monotone looks or using as your contour colour with a pop of Uluwatu on the centre of your eye.

Bondi: a cool mid-toned brown that’s a staple in any eye look. Use it to define your crease or lash line and as an all over base for any other shade in the palette.

Angel: a gorgeous shimmer that reflects the light giving you a cool mauve and silver combo. Use it to create a bold smokey eye or add some light to the centre and inner corner or your eye.

Venice: a cool-toned chocolate brown that creates depth around the eye. It’s great for lining your lash line and contouring the outer corners of your eye when creating a smokey eye look or cut crease.

Piccadilly: a deep chocolate brown with a shimmer of bronze through it. Use this shade to create glamourous smokey eyes or for an all over pop of light-reflecting bronze. It also sheers out beautifully into a light shimmery brown.

Crete: the gorgeous bronzer from our original palette. It’s a light brown bronzer with a touch of peach giving it a warm glow and subtle shimmer that awakens and illuminates the outer edges and shadows of the face.

Bora Bora: a cool-toned pink blush that adds a soft pink glow to your cheeks. It looks bright in the palette but sheers out to a really healthy-looking rosy colour, great for bringing life to your complexion.


Uluwatu: a champagne toned highlighter that gives illumination, never sparkle, to the high points of your face and your eyes. It builds really easily so you can create a dramatic pop of highlight or keep it sheer for a ‘woke up like this’ glow.

Racheal wears colours from the Face Palette 2.0

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