A Hair Expert on How to Protect Your Salon Colour at Home

So far, 2020 has got us wondering if any moment will top that feeling of visiting the salon for the first time after lockdown. There’s nothing that quite matches having your hair whipped into soft and silky shape by your trusted stylist.

With more uncertainty to come, one thing that is for sure is we’ll be doing everything we can to get the most out of every trip to the salon.

A great quality colour service is an investment in your hair and it only makes sense to double down on that investment by taking a look at your home haircare routine and making sure it’s poised to protect your locks.

So, how can we preserve our salon colour at home to keep it looking (and feeling) fresh, and survive the stretch between appointments?

Schwarzkopf Professional Guest Artist and PRéMA Salon Creative Director, Jason Fassbender, knows pretty much everything there is to know about hair. As an expert colourist, he’s worked with countless clients and he has given us the low down on exactly what we need to do, and what we shouldn’t do, to keep our salon colour looking lovely for longer.

“When it comes to our crowning glory all we want is salon fresh hair all day, every day. Not much to ask, right? The secret to fabulous fresh tresses and the perfect hue lies in a few key elements…” says Jason.

A great foundation

“There are many things you can do yourself at home, colouring your hair shouldn’t be one of them!” advises Jason.

“Build a relationship with a colourist you trust and get it right from the start. A professional will create the perfect shade to compliment your skin tone and eye colour as well as accentuate your cut.”

Protect your investment

“There’s no point in investing in your dream shade to have it washed down the drain. The right shampoo and conditioner, as well as advice on how frequently you should be cleansing is essential. A professional care range tailored specifically for your needs will ensure you’re no fading wall flower!”

Treat yourself

“Coloured hair needs extra care. Like it or not, colouring is a chemical process that effects the makeup of your hair. Add a weekly treatment mask to yourself care routine to replenish lost moisture, restore elasticity and add supreme shine.”

“Schwarzkopf Professional ChromaID does all of the above with the added benefit of being custom mixed to match your newly created colour!”

Some like it hot! 

“Most of us rely on some sort of hot tool to tame our manes. Weather it’s a blow dryer, tong or straightener, heat isn’t great for colour retention,” says Jason.

“Seal the cuticle of freshly washed hair to lock in your colour before hitting it with the hot stuff to ensure you’re protected from heat induced colour fade.”

Main Image via Schwarzkopf Professional

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