Your Guide to Frizz-Free Hair

With Winter just around the corner, there’s no time like the present to prepare yourself for the oncoming battle that is frizzy hair. It’s something a lot of people suffer from and Winter’s harsh winds and the constant jumping between cold air and heated rooms doesn’t help the problem.

There are a lot of different reasons people suffer from frizzy hair. Often, it’s genetic, other times it’s because your hair is dehydrated or the frizz has been caused from over-colouring. Either way, it can feel like a constant battle. But it doesn’t have to!

For smoother locks this season, follow our easy guide to frizz-free hair!

Getting It Cut

Often one of the first steps in reducing the look of frizz in your hair is to get a fresh trim. Unhealthy ends contribute significantly to the look of frizz and are harder to tame and smooth through styling and the use of products.

Washing It

Restoring moisture to your hair through your shampoo and conditioner is an important part of controlling frizz. The more hydrated your hair is, the less likely it will be to try and get moisture from the air and go fluffy and frizzy as a result.

John Frieda’s Frizz Ease range is a god-send for people with both curly or straighter hair that suffer from frizz. Formulated with jojoba oil and silicones, the Frizz Ease Dream Curls shampoo and conditioner simultaneously leave your hair squeaky clean and silky smooth without weighing down your curl. And they’re not just great for curly hair. Straight and wavy-haired people will enjoy the weightless moisture this pair provides and they’re a great first line of defence against frizz.

Drying It

If you prefer to air dry your hair, taming products are going to be your best friend to help control your frizz. A leave-in conditioning crème, balm or oil will help to stop flyaways and can even work on giving you volume or smooth your curls.

Whether you have curly, wavy or straight hair, the KMS Tame Frizz Curl Leave-in Conditioner works to nourish your hair and allows it to take on its natural shape, minus the frizz. It helps with shine, smells amazing and isn’t too heavy or sticky. You just work a little through your ends after gently towel drying it and you’re good to go.

And while we’re on drying, it’s important not to be too rough with your towel when you’re drying your hair. Roughing it up will only cause breakages and lead to more frizz. If you want to remove some of the water from your hair after washing, gently squeeze, never rub or wring, the ends of your hair with your towel. If you’re happy to spend a little money, an Aquis Hair Turban allows you to air dry your hair without any damage and less frizz.

Styling It

When heat styling, ensure you’re always angling heat in a downward motion i.e. blow dry from the roots down to the ends. This helps to smooth the surface of your hair and prevent frizz. It’s also super important to be using heat protecting products to prevent damage that causes even more frizz.

The Toni & Guy Heat Protectant Mist is a personal favourite as it provides the protection you need without leaving any oily or sticky residue. It sprays on in a fine mist and leaves your hair feeling soft and looking shiny. A quick spray before any heat styling will help you in your efforts to control your frizz.

Brushing It

A wide toothed comb is your best bet against fighting frizz. When you break up the texture of your hair too much with a brush, the separated hair follicles are more prone to frizzing up. For best results, you should also consider combing your hair when it’s still wet so that you can detangle it and promote smoothness without causing it to go fluffy.


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