Your Guide to Adaptogens

Buzzy wellness trends command a lot of attention in the lives of beauty lovers and the latest craze to make its way into our beauty cabinets (well, kitchen cabinets in this case), is adaptogens.

You’ve probably heard the word at least one million times by now or seen them pop up on menus at your local smoothie place but you wouldn’t be blamed if you’re still unsure as to what adaptogens actually are.

Adaptogens are used in herbal medicine for their natural abilities to effect both our physical and mental state through our adrenal system. Different ingredients have different powers and while there’s nothing overly scientific about adaptogens, they’re either plants or herbs so there’s no chemicals involved. Various kinds are said to have an effect on your mood, energy levels, metabolism, sex drive and immune system.

Like with any kind of supplements, your doctor’s opinion is always going to be the best to follow but with the reviews and recommendations these guys are getting the world over, there’s little harm in giving them a go.

Here’s a few adaptogens you should be looking into…


Thanks to its ability to regulate your cortisol levels, ashwaganda is great at reducing your stress levels. It also helps with thyroid support and its ability to balance hormone, it can revitalise sluggish thyroid hormones.


Unfortunately, your regular cup mushrooms don’t boast adpatogenic powers however there are many kinds of exotic mushrooms that are considered adaptogens. Cordyceps is lauded for its ability to balance your hormonal system leading to an increase in energy and stamina.Chaga is shown to have powerful antiviral effects and can help out your immune system when you’re sick. Lion’s Mane is another kind of mushroom that helps to regenerate and protect your brain tissue and in turns helps with fogginess and loss of concentration.

Liquorice Root

Similar to ashwaganda, liquorice root balances cortisol levels, the stress causing hormone, to improve your mood and fight fatigue. Its popularly found in tea form and can also help to reduce sugar cravings and heal leaky gut for better digestion.


Maca is an herb that is great for boosting your energy levels. It’s been described as a natural ritolin and while I can’t put my name to that claim, many people who add maca powder into their diets love it for the natural boost of productivity and clarity. It’s also loaded with vitamin C.
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