Why You Should Switch to Natural Deodorant

Your daily deodorant choice probably isn’t something you think about often, but with research suggesting that antiperspirants could be harmful to your health, it’s worth a second thought.

In a 2007 study at Keele University in the UK, the presence of aluminum was confirmed in breast tissue samples tested from 17 breast cancer patients. These findings coincide with research that a high content of aluminum was found in the outer breast tissue, where one would apply antiperspirant.

According to Lana King, a former Biotechnologist who has since dedicated her career to educating people on safe cosmetic use, the body absorbs .012 percent of aluminum after one application of antiperspirant. “This may not sound like much until you multiply it by one or two more times a day for a lifetime, which adds up to massive exposure to aluminum.”

Antiperspirants prevent underarm sweating by blocking the sweat ducts where it is applied. “Not only does this block one of your body’s routes for detoxification, but it raises concerns about where these metals are going once you roll them on,” says Lana.

For now, the jury’s out on whether or not aluminum from the use of antiperspirants is directly linked to breast cancer. However, the hypochondriac in me feels its best to err on the side of caution.

You can make your own homemade deodorant from a simple recipe like this one from Lana’s company Create Your Cosmetics.

If the thought of making your own deodorant is a bit too ‘granola’ for you, LaVanilla’s The Healthy Deodorant ($24.95) is aluminum-free with a luxurious scent and feel, so you won’t even notice the difference. The best scents are Vanilla Lavender and Fresh Vanilla Lemon.

For someone who sweats heavily, Black Chicken Remedies Axilla Deodorant Paste ($18.50) is 100% natural and really works. It’s worth mentioning that this deodorant is literally a paste that you rub into your underarms, so if you have an aversion to touching that area this may not appeal to you. For particularly hot days or exercising, this is the holy grail of natural deodorants.

Lana King is the founder of Create Your Cosmetics and author of “10 Reasons to Swap Your Lipstick – The Smart Woman’s Guide to Better Lipstick Options.” You can find more from Lana on her Blog, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


Written by Sophie Howe.