Why You Need a Tailored Skincare Plan If You’re Getting Married

They say there’s not a lot that’s more stressful than planning a wedding so it’s easy to accept that things get missed or put to the side in order to ease your schedule. Unfortunately, many women forget about their skincare routines and only look into treatments and products when it’s too late.

In my hunt for perfect wedding skin, I turned to Skinstitut for advice. I’ve been a fan of Skinstitut’s cosmedical products for about a year now. Their 5 a-day clearing routine played a huge part in clearing my hormonal acne breakouts so to say I was excited to visit their head trainer, Roxanne, for a treatment is an understatement.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term cosmedical, it basically refers to a category of high performing skincare that can be purchased without a prescription. In terms of ingredient potency, Skinstitut’s ingredients have as much of the active ingredients that it takes to really see results on your skin. Although you can buy them over the counter, these products mean business and should be prescribed by a skin professional so you can be educated on the best routine for your skin type.

Just as I suspected, I was told by Roxanne that more important than any one treatment or product, is creating a tailored and well-timed plan of treatments that work together and over a period of time to really target your skin concerns. Plus, using a skincare routine that helps to prepare your skin for treatments and recover it afterwards. And that’s exactly what Skinstitut does with all of their clients.

After filling out a quick questionnaire, I learnt about my specific skin type and how it’s expected to react to certain treatments based off the products I currently use, how easily I burn in the sun and the colour of my eyes.

Roxanne talked through my skin concerns and we quickly diagnosed that pigmentation was my biggest gripe. Although we’re all a little more complicated and unique than being able to be categorised, Skinstitut have five main areas of concern most clients fall into and a series of products and regimes that best address those concerns. Which brought us to Skinstitut’s brightening range.

After talking through the causes of pigmentation and the ingredients I need to look out for to target both my genetic freckles and discoloration caused from sun damage, Roxanne created a plan that would be timed to fit perfectly into the months up until a wedding or any big event really.

Your plan gets written out so you know exactly what to expect and can easily track where you’re up to, what’s coming next and what’s still to come on your quest for a glowing complexion before your big day.

Not only will your plan take into account the time before your wedding, it also takes into account the down time needed between treatments and the fact that our skin regenerates every 28 days.

Don’t feel like having a set plan takes away from your ability to be flexible though. The beauty of Skinstitut’s range is that your therapist can continue to evaluate your skin and its reaction to the treatments throughout your time together and adjust it based on what you need. Whether that be going for something more intense, treating any acne that’s come through or boosting hydration, your plan always remains tailored to your unique needs so you actually get results.

To make the most of your tailored plan, 12 months of treatments is ideal but your therapist will be able to work with any amount of time, whether that’s a matter of weeks or only a couple of months.

If you have left your skin prep to the last minute, don’t stress. Although it’s not ideal, there’s still treatments to be done as little as a week out from the big day. This will most likely involve an enzymatic micro peel as it’s the lightest peel option and has very little downtime, if any at all. The enzymatic micro peel basically hits refresh on your skin by removing the top layer of dead cells and encouraging regeneration. It helps with texture, tone and clearing acne. It’s also the best place to start on your treatment plan so your therapist can get a really clear idea of your skin’s conditions and the way it reacts to acids and various ingredients.

It’s important though to not forget about your at-home routine. Although in-clinic treatments can work wonders, especially with a thought out plan, you’ll get the best results if you’re keeping up the hard work at home in-between your clinic visits.

You can easily find a Skinstitut location closest to you via their website to begin your own skincare plan.

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