Why The Structural Remodeling System Could Be The NEW FACELIFT!

What if a taught, more defined jawline and a structural face-lift could be achieved without going under the knife?

That vision becomes reality with the Structural Remodeling System (SRS) – an innovative proprietary remodeling treatment that targets skin tightening and skin health by combining the synergy of five scientifically-proven technologies, with outstanding results.

This stellar skin rejuvenation system effectively stimulates new collagen growth in the deeper skin layers, replacing aged and sun damaged collagen, while plumping the skin, smoothing wrinkles and tightening skin and muscles.

A micro-current and ultrasound technology work in synergy to rejuvenate and re-firm the face, for a fresher, taughter complexion, and a seriously redefined profile.

The treatment lifts and instantly firms, sculpts and contours the face and neck using a sequence of transdermal infusions and remodelling modalities to influence your skin’s genetic potential and reverse facial ageing.

Sounds impressive – so where can you get it?

Look no further than a visit to Douglas Pereira – health and beauty authority, dermal therapist, skin clinic owner of “Douglas Pereira Clinical Skin Therapy” and cosmeceutical product developer.

Using his years of practical, technical and theoretical knowledge, Douglas has developed a super-unique approach to treating the skin based on his philosophy of using a customised approach to work in conjunction with the skin’s function to better health and visual appearance.

Over the last 21 years, Douglas has made a name for himself as a leading clinical skin specialist in Sydney, working closely with some of Australia’s leading Plastic, Aesthetic and reconstructive surgeons and cosmetic physicians.

Feeling uneasy about my softening and loosening jawline, I took a plunge with a Neocollagenesis remodeling therapy treatment, Level 3. Before your mind wonders what this technical name actually means, it is the signature service designed by Douglas using state of the art technology, traditional manual facial methods combined with the power of medical grade active ingredients.

The treatment is designed to stimulate and awaken the skin’s functions, firm skin laxity, tighten and lift the facial contour and stimulate muscle strength, increase collagen and elastin production – all with the help of SRS to aid facial lifting, firming and skin health.

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It’s literally like a mini face-lift and nutrient facial in one.

During the session, Douglas artfully customised my treatment after a thorough 30 minute consultation aimed to improve the skin’s condition on that day, as well as target facial lifting and contouring. The treatment uses a variety of devices during the session – but the key device used to achieve the facial lifting and contouring is definitely the SRS.

Each level of the Neocollagenesis SRS treatment typically encompasses a cleanse, full face passing of the SRS lifting and firming device, yet there are 3 levels in all, depending on your budget and level of intensity.

At Level One, the focus is on lifting and toning of the skin using the SRS device and Douglas’s cosmeceutical finishing products. Levels Two and Three are super charged treatments that introduce additional devices and therapeutic steps to increase the lifting and toning effects and better skin health. At 75 minutes, Level Two is about more intensive lifting and drainage, introducing mechanical facial drainage, focusing on the jawline and neck zone to remove stagnated lymphatic fluids that cause a heavy appearance. Level Three is 90 minutes long to give you intensive lifting, drainage and skin health by adding red light therapy and a vitamin infusion (a prescribed blend by Douglas targeting your skin concerns).

For a lasting and visible result, it is recommended to have an 8-10 sessions course of treatments, performed once a week- although you do get an amazing visual result after just one session.

Your experience is complete with finishing products from Douglas’s pristinely formulated, eponymous cosmeceutical range. The result is a fusion of driven methods and pure relaxation that people notice.

That evening upon going out, I have never received so many compliments in my life and genuinely looked 10 years younger.

We are plagued with many skin concerns – anti-ageing, sagging, adult acne, scars, pigmentation and sun damage. An SRS treatment could be the answer to achieving beautiful, healthy and youthful skin,

For more information on the Neocollagenesis remodeling therapy treatment with SRS at Douglas Pereira Clinical Skin Therapy, visit www.clinicalskintherapy.com.
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