Why Everyone Should Be Investing In Laser Hair Removal

It’s no secret that the beauty industry and all of its ever-evolving products and treatments can quickly blow out a gal’s budget. Unfortunately for my bank balance, I do find it completely rational to spend more money on beauty products than I do groceries, and I know I’m not alone.

I’m definitely not against keeping the purse strings tight and keeping your beauty regime to a minimal, cost-effective line-up. But if there’s one thing I’ve come to decide that is always worth investing in, it’s laser hair removal.

When I first learnt about it, laser hair removal seemed like an unnecessary expense. Why would I spend all that money on treatments when I’ve got my trusty at-home wax strips?

As someone who’s Mum bought them an epilator instead of my first razor (thanks Mum!), I hated the thought that I’d have to start shaving in order to get laser hair removal treatments because wasn’t I always taught that shaving is notoriously worse for your pins than waxing or using an epilator? Yes, yes I was.

Flash forward a few years of regular bikini waxes and pain-staking hours spent epilating my legs and I finally decided to dive into the world of laser hair removal. It helped that the price had significantly decreased since I was 17 and first saw it. But I couldn’t get past the logical solution to permanently removing pesky hair.

It’s now been 18 months since my first session and I feel crazy for not getting on board sooner.

For the unfamiliar, laser hair removal uses a concentrated beam of light that is absorbed by the pigment in your hair. For this reason, it works best on fair skin with dark hairs but the technology has come far enough that there’s a setting for just about anyone.

The beam of light is harsh enough to damage the hair follicle, leaving it unable to regrow hair.

Before a treatment, it’s important that you have no fake tan, moisturiser or deodorant on your skin and you haven’t been out in the sun recently. These can affect the accuracy and result of the laser and can cause damage to your skin. You need to completely shave the area you’re getting treated as well.

After a treatment, your hair will grow back as per usual, so this isn’t a treatment to be getting a few days before a big date.

As the hair grows back, it will naturally begin to fall out. Sometimes, a little bit of light exfoliation is recommended to encourage it to fall out. Once it’s all gone, you’ll be smooth as a baby’s bottom. For a while at least.

Because we have so many hair follicles in our skin that are all on different growth cycles, regular treatments are required to zap them all. You’ll notice over time that less and less hair grows back between treatments and you can push your appointments further and further apart.

Your local salon professional will be able to recommend a timeline of treatment for you but it’s generally recommended to begin with a session every four to six weeks.

As for the pain factor, It’s surprisingly mild. You’ll experience a burst of heat that lasts for a second and then it’s gone. Some areas are more sensitive than others but seriously, it’s a flash and then it fades.

If you have sensitive skin or are prone to irritation, there’s plenty of laser aids and soothing lotions you can use that are safe to apply after treatments. They provide relief to the area and are well worth it to avoid any itchiness or stinging.

You can get just about any area treated from your legs, arms and underarms to your bikini line, brazilian, shoulders and even your face.

So what are you waiting for? It’s a small investment for a long-term payoff and pretty darn close to the top of my ‘must-try’ list.
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