Whats your Make- Up Age?

Its a common mistake made by millions of women to try to cover the signs of ageing with make-up. More often that not, packing on the makeup will actually highlight the fine lines on the face rather than hide them.

Teenage skins can get away with anything, shimmer brights and metallics. Use a sunscreen everyday! I can’t stress it enough. More sunscreen now = less lines later. Don’t be scared of fake tans there are some great ones on the market that look bronzed and natural.

20-30’s should be embracing their looks, they will have lost the baby fat around the face that sticks around through the teenage years and they will have really settled into their looks. Don’t try to cover up too much, use a medium coverage foundation, conceal blemishes and around the eyes with a concealer and add a little but not too much definition to the eyes. Use an illuminator to add a healthy glow to the skin. Oh and invest in good skin care, the more effort you make now will pay off later.

Over 40’s. This is when you should start to be a bit cautious of a few things. Firstly Shimmers, anything with a  high shimmery metallic base will highlight fine lines. Avoid Shimmer eye shadows especially ,and go for a matte finish, possibly with a very slight shimmery sheen. Avoid dry foundation, opt for a hydrating dewey foundation. As soon as your skin starts getting dry the lines will be instantly more visible, using a hydrating foundation will help minimise this. Apply eye cream before you apply your make-up to keep the eye area hydrated throughout the day thus avoiding the crepey effect. And use a pink based illuminate either before foundation or mix it with your foundation, make sure it is more of a luminous glow than a shimmer, this will give  the skin an instant radiance.

All of you should be updating your make-up routine every 5 years. If you’ve been doing it the same way day in day out for 10 years its likely its out dated and you could find a look that will suit and flatter you better. Head in to a counter for advice, ask a professional or just look around online and see whats current. Of course watch my YouTube videos too!

There is something to be said for a woman who is comfortable in her own skin. Make note of the do’s and dont’s and learn what will age your skin and what will flatter it. Think less is more, even if you use a heavier coverage find the right colour and the best foundation and no one will ever know! The key is for it not to look like you are wearing too much. A reader left a comment saying KISS- keep it simple stupid! xx