What You Need To Know About Eyebrow Tattooing

Eyebrow tattooing has fast become one of the most popular beauty treatments on offer. It’s a great beauty solution for thin, greying or over-plucked eyebrows.
In decades gone by eyebrows were tattooed with permanent ink in a solid shape to change the shape of the brow. This type of brow tattooing was not only permanent but often unsightly and ugly 10 years after it had been done.
The problem with permanent brow tattooing was the very fact it was permanent. If we look back over the last 100 years, decade to decade, eyebrow trends change dramatically. For instance compare the 1930’s super thin brow to that of 1950’s fuller Audrey Hepburn or Marylin Monroe brow. Or the 1990’s super thin Pamela Anderson brow to the now 2016 Cara Delevigne thick, full and bushy brow. Brow trends change, often dramatically, hence why permanent brow tattooing was a bad idea!
Modern day brow tattooing is almost always done with semi permanent ink that lasts a couple of years only. By far the most popular method of brow tattooing is feather stroke tattooing, which is when the tattoo is applied in tiny thin hair strokes which look like real hairs instead of a solid block colour. This gives a much softer more natural look than the traditional brow tattooing methods. Innovation in brow tattooing has come along way, with fantastic inks and a range of colours to give every client a natural result.
I spoke with brow expert Merryn from leading Sydney lash and brow clinic Elegant Lashes to answer all you need to know about brow tattooing.
Pammy we blame you for our over-plucked (now ridiculously patchy) brows!!!
How is feather brow tattooing different to traditional brow tattooing methods?
Traditionally, with brow tattooing the brow would be completely coloured-in giving it an unnatural block shape many will be familiar with. With feather brow tattooing very fine hair strokes are tattooed to blend in with the client’s own brows. It doesn’t look like a tattoo. It looks like brow hair.
The results with feathering are so natural that we have done this procedure for men as well as women, and clients with alopecia. The inks have come a long way too. We use pigments especially formulated for cosmetic tattooing, and we can colour match for the fairest of blondes to the darkest black haired clients.
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Is there any reason someone would be unsuitable for the treatment?

Yes. If a woman is pregnant or breastfeeding we can’t do the procedure. If someone has had fillers or botox around the brow area less than two weeks beforehand or plans to have these things done within two weeks following, we won’t do the treatment. Some medications and skin conditions may also cause the client to be unsuitable. These are best discussed with our specialists one on one.

We strongly recommend all clients come in for a consultation before they book. It’s free and they are under no obligation to make an appointment afterwards. During the 25 minute consultation the cosmetic tattooist will analyse the client’s suitability, answer any questions the client will have and draw the design on with make up so the client can see how it will look.

How do you match the correct colour ink to the natural brow hair?

We match the correct ink for the client by drawing on our professional understanding of how different types of skin work and react to tattooing. It also comes from experience, knowing how our pigments work and the depth to place them under the skin.
During the consultation the cosmetic tattooist will paint the pigment onto the skin near the brow, like you would with a paint sample on your wall at home, to judge how the colour works against the skin, brows, hair and eye colour. Quite often colours are combined to get the best results. We keep records of the inks and combinations we use so when our clients come back for a refresh we can refer back to what we did previously.
The original brow queen Audrey Hepburn.

How many sessions are required to get the perfect result?

We recommend two appointments. The initial procedure and a free follow up appointment 4 weeks later. At this time the tattoo will have healed and the colour will have settled. It can appear a bit darker for the first two weeks while the skin is healing. During the initial procedure swelling can occur with some clients and any asymmetry this may have caused can be corrected in the follow up.

The follow up appointment is also an opportunity for the client to make some adjustments to the design if they wish now they have lived with it for a few weeks. Our policy is to be conservative in the initial treatment and build on this in the follow up appointment if desired.

The modern day brow queen.

How do you ensure that the tattooed brows are streamline and even?

An appointment takes approximately 2.5 hours and most of that time is spent on creating the design. The brows are drawn on and measured. They may be changed multiple times often with the slightest of adjustments. The treatment starts once the cosmetic tattooist is satisfied and the client is 100% happy.

Most importantly, we design brows for the whole face, not just for brow correction. It’s our purpose at Elegant Lashes to not only make sure the brows are streamlined and even but that they enhance the beauty of the client. Even the smallest adjustment to the arch, tail or fullness can make a client look more striking, and this is what we are aiming for and why we devote so much time on this before we start tattooing.

Is the treatment painful?

Yes, but for most it’s bearable. Being tattooed around the brows is uncomfortable and usually triggers some sneezing at the beginning of the treatment. After approximately 10 minutes your natural pain blockers kick in and it’s not so bad. There is the option to use numbing cream and this will reduce the pain significantly. Most of our clients choose not to use it.

How much does it cost?

$550 for full brows.


To book a consultation or for more info contact Elegant Lashes HERE or call 1300 002 215.