What Is Dry Conditioner?

I couldn’t name a single friend that doesn’t have a can of dry shampoo stashed somewhere in their lives (the car, work desk, bathroom vanity… all three). It has become as much a staple item as toothpaste and rightly so.

But it is it’s lesser known friend that’s got our attention to start combatting Winter weather. Dry conditioner has been around for a while but new formulas and improved ingredients are making it more essential than ever.

Let’s start by getting down with what it actually is. Unlike dry shampoo that uses very fine powders to absorb excess oil at the roots of your hair, dry conditioner is designed to be sprayed through your ends to offer light nourishment, extra shine and calm down frizz.

Antistatic agents, natural oils, silicones and other conditioning materials are combined in aerosol cans that spritz on just enough product to give your hair a quickie conditioning treatment without weighing it down or making it look greasy.

If you find you have no luck with other conditioning balms and oils, you’re in luck because it’s really hard to overuse dry conditioner. Dry Conditioner is so lightweight you can slowly build product until you can see (and feel) your hair is good to go. That also means that you can use it on every hair type – thin, fine, thick, curly, straight – all with success.

When using a dry conditioner, stick to spritzing your ends only from around your ears and down. You don’t want to be putting the oils and conditioning ingredients onto your roots. If you’ve got a lot of fuzz at the top of your head, instead spray the dry conditioner onto a tissue first and gently wipe the fly-aways down. Also, if you’re going for a tousled and textured look, dry conditioner may not be the product you’re after as it works to give you a soft and sleek finish.

Using a dry conditioner before straightening or curling your hair with heat stylers can help to prevent breakage and boost the shiny finish.

It’s worth remembering though that just as dry shampoo isn’t a replacement for a regular wash, dry conditioner shouldn’t replace deep conditioning treatments. You should still be doing an intensive mask every few washes.

Here’s a few dry conditioners we love…

Batiste Smooth It Frizz Tamer

They’re known for their dry shampoo but this conditioning spray certainly lives up to the brands stellar reputation. It’s lightweight and keeps your ends smooth and fluff free for up to 12 hours, even in humid or rainy weather.

Oribe Soft Dry Conditioner Spray

Everything about Oribe screams luxe and their dry conditioner is no different. Just a quick spritz will have your locks rehydrated and silky-smooth without feeling any weight from the spray at all. It also offers your hair UV protection and works to detangle knotty ends.

Aveda Shampure Thermal Dry Conditioner

For those with adverse feelings about aerosols, Aveda’s spray is a great option. It’s derived from 97% natural ingredients that refresh limp or dry ends between washes while still ensuring your tresses are soft and full of movement.

Featured image via getty images.