Wellness Tips to Beat a Cold This Winter

It may not officially be Winter but the sounds of sniffles and sneezes are beginning to ring through offices and we want to be ahead of the game.

Wellness has become a very important part of the beauty industry and it’s made it easier to incorporate tricks and tips into our lifestyles to promote our overall health and beat illness without traditional forms of medication. The best part is, these kinds of tips are often backed by either scientific research or hordes of people that have tried them for themselves and swear by their natural powers.

There’s over 200 strains of the common cold and it goes without saying that runny noses and sore throats are less than chic. Improving your approach to wellness at this time of year when the virus starts to sneak into the workplace and home, particularly those with young kids, can go a long way in the prevention of symptoms.

Here’s a few easy things to consider…

Drink More Water

Cue dramatic eye roll. Yes, it seems that drinking more water is the cure to everything but unfortunately for those with an aversion to H2O, it really is one of the easiest solutions to preventing cold symptoms. Having a raised temperature or extra runny nose depletes your fluid levels so it’s important for the function of your vital organs and strength of your immune system to replace it.

If you struggle to drink water, fill up two 1 litre bottles at the beginning of everyday and keep them close by. Having them stare you in the face at your desk will encourage you to drink them or you can even set a reminder on your phone to take a drink on the hour, every hour of the day.

Up Your Intake of Probiotics

Because the majority of our immune system is in our gut, eating lots of probiotics keeps the gut in good health and fighting oncoming colds. Foods like yoghurt, Kefir, Miso Soup and Dark Chocolate are all high in probiotics and are easy to incorporate into your diet (we’re eyeing off the dark chocolate already). You can also pick up a supplement from your local chemist. Ask the pharmacist for their advice but a multi-strain probiotic tablet or liquid supplement is the way to go.

Carry Hand Sanitiser with You

Although we’re all probably in the habit of regular hand washing, there’s germs everywhere. The common cold spreads incredibly easily so carrying a small antibacterial hand sanitiser with you and getting in the habit of using it after you use the bathroom, public transport, your phone and even after typing on your computer can help to keep germs at bay.

Keep Your Toes Warm

 Research show that having cold feet can lower your resistance to the common cold so ensuring you wear closed toe shoes during the day and socks at night time can help give you an extra boost of protection. The same goes for your nose so on particularly chilly, windy days, wrapping your scarf around the whole lower half of your face is the best way to keep it warm.

Keep Your Nasal Passages Clear

It’s not sexy, but from the second you begin to experience any congestion, you should start taking steps to keep your passages clear and prevent build up that prolongs your cold. Using steam, elevating your head with an extra pillow at night and eating a nice spicy soup will help.

Continue Exercising

A lot of us are in the bad habit of slowing down on exercise when the weather cools down. I get it: it’s cold outside, it gets darker earlier in the evenings and bikini season is months away. But research shows that boosting a sedentary lifestyle with an extra 45 mins of exercise as simple as a brisk walk can increase your immune systems resistance to viruses.




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