We Asked Colour Pro, Matt Clements, Everything You Want to Know Before Taking the Plunge to Go Blonde!

Ever thought of going blonde but scared to take the plunge? Same! Taking your hair lighter can be an intimidating process filled with endless images of everything that could go wrong. However, there’s no better time than Summer to lighten your look and embrace a change and with some professional guidance, a blonde makeover doesn’t have to be as scary as it seems.

With Schwarzkopf’s National BLONDME Week being celebrated December 7th to 13th, we turned to the uber-talented Matt Clements, Schwarzkopf Professional International Colour Ambassador and Creative Director at The Assembly, to ask all of the questions you’ve ever wanted to ask a pro before going blonde!

What’s your advice to people who are thinking about taking the plunge and going blonde for the first time?

It’s absolutely imperative that you make time to speak with a professional hair colourist about your blond ambitions – take a photo or two along to support what your dream hair colour would look like and be honest about your hair colour history and what commitment you are willing to make. Only then can your colourist give you a realistic vision of the process and investment.

It’s notoriously hard to get a light blonde colour from darker hair without serious damage. What’s your advice to people with dark hair? Is going blonde about steppingstones or just finding the right person to dive in deep with? 

Condition is everything. Being Blond and going lighter doesn’t have to mean that you will end up with serious damage. The result is largely based on your current condition and colour/s that are in your hair presently and more importantly who’s hands you’re in. Sometimes it can certainly be achieved in one visit, this can be costly because of the time it can take, but for most people it will be a hair colour journey with a number of visits to achieve a realistic result.

What colour services can people ask their hairdressers for if they want a low maintenance blonde?

Low maintenance straight away says to me that I will take a less is more approach, this can be in the form of freehand techniques or scattered foil highlighting to lift and brighten around the face or give texture and accent a part of a haircut such as a fringe and layered mid length and ends.

There are a million shades of blonde hair out there. How can people tell what’s going to suit them?

Suitability is one of the keys to the longevity of your blonde. Skin tone and eye colour are the main factors here. I like to find out a little about the fabric colours my guests prefer to wear as this can give me an insight into how they will wear they’re blonde on a daily basis.

Again, speaking with a professional hair colourist is advisable in achieving your dream blonde.

Is there anything people should be looking out for in terms of the products used by their local salon? How important is the brand of product used?

The level of salon and professional products and home care that are on offer can let you know a great deal I think in the importance they place on their work. A successful salon visit I believe, is making sure you can recreate your style and be able to maintain your hair colour with ease and enjoy doing it – If it’s a chore then you won’t keep it up.

Is caring for blonde hair as hard as everyone says it is? What are your top tips for keeping blonde hair hydrated and brass-free between salon visits?

I don’t believe caring for your blonde should be a difficult experience at all. Having the properly prescribed professional products and of course understanding your regime should be effortless. Consistency is the important factor here. The products you use are often the only difference in maintaining your blonde as opposed to another fashion hair colour.

Top tips I recommend are using a strengthening and hydrating mask in the Schwarzkopf Professional BLONDME range twice weekly but never less than once! Wearing a hat and using UV protectors are advised for all hair colours and blondes are no different.

Schwarzkopf Professional’s BLONDME range offers a Cool Blond Shampoo, Conditioner and Mask that will help tame brassiness, but sometimes brassiness is there because the process or shade of blonde has been incorrect which can be assessed and altered if it’s a continual issue.

Schwarzkopf Cool Blonde Regime

Schwarzkopf All Blondes Regime

If someone’s worried about going blonde and not liking it, how hard is it to fix?

This is of course on a case by case basis but we are now talking colour correction most often, and whilst a professional hair colourist will be able to help get to where you need to be, there is a number of processes involved in this and can be costly and the need for a change in to your home care products.

Finally, do blondes really have more fun?

As long as you’re owning your new hair colour and you feel amazing, you’ll be having the most fun you can!


Armed with Matt’s advice, Oz Beauty Expert’s Beauty Writer, Jess, went in for her own BLONDME transformation at the wonderful PRéMA. Stay tuned to spy her new look!

Main Image – Celeste Barber’s BLONDME transformation by Matt Clements.

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