Warning Against Cosmetic Procedures From Deal Websites….

If you are like me your junk mailbox is getting flooded with emails from deal websites as we speak. I am signed up to get deals from Our Deal, Living Social, Deals.com and Grab One, and I’m not going to lie… I love it! I just bought a year subscription to Vogue for $39, BARGAIN!!!

I think these websites are a great idea. You can buy anything from, wine and accommodation to pest control at heavily discounted prices. However some of the deals that are available do come with a warning. The Australian Cosmetic Physicians Society have issued a warning to purchasing treatments like anti-wrinkle injectables, microdermabrasion and IPL/Laser from these websites. The professionals warn that people ( like me) make impulse buys and then may feel pressured to undergo medical procedures as refunds aren’t available if you change your mind. They also warn that all these procedures should follow a consultation to assure that the patient is suited to having this procedure, as not everyone is and ideal candidate for these cosmetic medical treatments. They are also concerned that practitioners may be inexperienced or doing unnecessary procedures on customers who don’t need them.

My personal point of view is that I wouldn’t buy one of these procedures from a salon or doctor that I hadn’t heard of before. If I have friends who have been there or I have been to that salon before and know it to be reputable then I’d be happy to buy a deal from there. If you haven’t heard of the salon before or its a doctor you don’t know anything about then steer clear!

To read the official warning Click Here