Wake Up Glowing with These Overnight Treatments

The idea of waking up with a glowing complexion in the morning when all you really had to do was sleep seems like a dream right? Well, thanks to these products, the idea of beauty sleep is being given a whole new meaning.

When you consider the intense cycle of regeneration and repair that your whole body and in particular, your skin, goes through every night while you sleep, it makes sense to take advantage and add in a helping hand. When we sleep our skin is programmed to go through a regeneration phase, and while it’s in the regeneration phase it absorbs and makes use of products much more effectively.

And because we can always count on our favourite beauty brands to deliver the goods, you can get products and treatments that are specifically designed to enhance the skin and target different concerns overnight. Here’s a few of our favourites…

For firming and lifting

Ella Baché Eternal+ Sculpting Serum – Known for their luxurious in-clinic treatments, Ella Baché’s high performance skin care is not to be missed. One of the newest additions to their line-up is the Eternal+ Sculpting Serum. It helps to tone, lift and firm your skin to prevent and reverse signs of aging. As we get older, our skin cells start to break down causing it to sag and loose volume. The Red Algae Sulfo-Carrabioses and array of Amino acids in this serum helps to give your skin volume and density so it’s supported from the inside out. It’s light weight and I found it absorbed really nicely while still helping me wake up with plump feeling skin. Feel free to use this one in the morning as well for an extra dose. It sits really nicely underneath makeup.

For anti-aging

Ultraceuticals Ultra A Skin perfecting Serum – For those looking for an extra defence against ageing, this is the serum for you. Ultraceuticals is known for their high performance products and this treatment is no different. It contains a long-life pure retinol that works to smooth fine lines and wrinkles by speeding up the regeneration of your skin cells. It’s strong so it’s best for people who have used a milder retinol product previously. For newcomers to vitamin A, you can get this Ultra A serum in a mild version to ease your skin into it. Like anything, the big results take a bit of patience but in the short term, my skin felt significantly softer after just a few nights of this serum and as a bonus, retinol is great for treating blackheads. It’s a win win in my books.

For pigmentation and texture

Aspect Exfol L 15 – I’ve tried and loved Aspect’s AHA products before and this night serum is no different. It gives you all of the smooth, glowy skin benefits of a clinical AHA peel without the redness, dryness or irritation. It uses naturally derived AHAs (Alpha Hydroxyl Acids) to gently exfoliate your skin while you sleep. It’s a far gentler way of sloughing off dead skin cells and clearing your pores than abrasive physical exfoliators. The exfoliation works on fading pigmentation, clearing congestion and smoothing your skins texture. I found that applying it after cleansing and skipping any other serums or moisturisers for the night gave me the best results.

For intense nourishment

Obagi Medical Hydrate Luxe Moisture-rich Cream – The name says it all really. This cream is specifically designed for overnight use to give it plenty of time to be absorbed into your skin. It’s super thick and nourishing without feeling heavy and it doesn’t upset my oily skin like other intense moisturising products do. It uses shea butter, avocado oil, mango butter and glycerine to deeply hydrate your skin and help to repair its protective barriers while you sleep. It’s also loaded with peptides that fight fine lines so you get a bump of anti-aging at the same time. You only need a pea sized amount and it should be the last step of your evening skincare routine. After a single use I woke up with really hydrated and soft skin, and after a week or so stopped experiencing any dryness throughout the day at all.

For hydration and plumped volume

O Cosmedics Youth Activating Oil Balm – In a super-sciencey way, this serum’s peptide ingredients work to imitate the biological conditions of healthy skin and regenerate those to encourage cellular turnover and epidermal growth. In basic terms, the balm improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, firms your skin and increases elasticity. Hyaluronic acid also helps to hydrate your skin to give it that ‘lit from within’ kind of glow. The texture is dreamy and you only need the smallest amount before your regular moisturiser.