Volcanic Mud


Over the next 2 weeks my family and I are travelling around New Zealand. Being the beauty enthusiast I am  I couldn’t come here and not go to the Rotorua area to bathe in the volcanic mud.

For more than 700 years the Maori people have been bathing in the thermal regions of Rotorua. It is known as a special place of wellness because of the medicinal sulphur lake and the curative waters and muds the geothermal mud pools.

The Volcanic mud and Sulphur lakes are known to help regenerate skin cells, detox and purify the skin, and because the clay is so active it easily absorbs excess oil and fatty secretions from the skin. The volcanic clay also has strong anti bacterial properties making it great for acne sufferers.

The thermal area of New Zealand smells pretty bad because of the sulphur in the air. Once you get used to that then you can enjoy soaking in the mud pools and the sulphur bath. I really felt the detoxing properties of the baths, it made me quite dehydrated and a little bit queasy after I got out. After a large glass of water and something to eat I felt much better. My skin felt pretty dry too, but once I moisturised it felt great. My skin tone looks great and it feels really smooth. I still can’t put my jewellery back on though, because the sulphur coming out of my skin over the next 24 hrs can make it permanently tarnish.