Vitamin C – a Daily Skin Essential.

Vitamin C is a daily skin essential. I would recommend everyone to use a Vit C serum on their skin as it helps protect against cell damage caused by UV rays.

Vitamin C has been proven to improve collagen production, improve the appearance of pigmentation and fine lines. It also helps hold moisture in the skin preventing dry dehydrated. Even if you take a vitamin C dietry supplement you should still use a serum on the skin. The vitamin C you ingest is water soluble and is usually flushed from your system before it makes it to your skin. People with dry skin will see amazing results in about 28 days of using a good Vit C serum.

Usually with Vitamin C serums you get what you pay for, the cheaper products claiming to have Vit C in them  usually aren’t potent enough to get any benefit.

Serums I would recommend-

*ASAP Super Vit C serum usually $79 get it for $60 online from The Skincare Store

* Priori Skin Renewal Cream is a fantastic vitamin infused serum. Containing Vit A , C and E also available at The Skincare Store