Vampire Facial- The latest in Skin Rejuvenation

Just last week I heard about the Vampire facial, and needless to say I was intrigued. The Vampire Facial is the latest technique in skin rejuvenation and anti-wrinkle treatments and it’s HUGE in Hollywood. Other wise known as Facial Stem cell Stimulation this treatment uses your own blood to stimulate collagen and skin cell production. Sounds strange but results sound fantastic. I got in touch with Katherine Millar-Shannon the director of  Youth on Call who are offering the service, she was kind enough to answer my questions.

The Process involves around 8-20mls of your own blood to be extracted and immediately placed in a centrifuge for several minutes. This separates the plasma from your red blood cells. This platelet rich plasma is then combined with calcium chloride and injected into the skin. It takes about 45 minutes. After a few weeks the skin will feel thicker in texture, more moist and it improves over time as the new collagen matures. There are no reported side effects and it uses your own blood instead of injecting a foreign substance into the skin, which has to be a bonus. Stem cell Stimulation costs around $850- $1200.

Katherine Millar-Shannon answers my questions…

Who is the ideal candiate for Facial Stem Cell Stimulation?

Facial Stem Stimulation is ideal for anyone seeking noticeable improvement in their skin texture, tone and colour with minimal down-time.

(ie. generally those who have sun-damaged and prematurely aged skin, on the face, back of hands, neck, décolletage or other body areas like knees, thighs, arms, stomach)

People suffering from hair loss are also ideal candidates as platelet rich plasma stimulates growth

Why would we choose PRP over treatments like botox and fillers?

-NATURAL/BIOLOGICAL – Uses a by-product of your own blood (or plasma) rather than an outside source

-SUSTAINED RESULT- Within 2-3 weeks patients usually notice their skin feels and appears firmer and healthier. Unlike other injectables that usually last only 3-6 months this improvement continues over the next 12-18 months as new collagen production continues to improve the dermis.

Have you seen the results yourself? How long did it take to see visible results?

Results appear within a couple of weeks making the client feel and look more refreshed, hydrated and healthy. Individual results vary and will impact how many treatments are required for optimal “wow factor” results!

I have heard PRP is huge in Hollywood. Any idea of which celeb’s are rumoured to by using it?

We’ve heard many reports but most Celeb’s are reluctant to admit on paper what they’ve been having done. Youth on Call treat several Australian TV personalities but unfortunately we must protect their privacy so can’t divulge!!

How popular has PRP been for you as apposed to other injectables?

Being still a relatively new treatment people are extremely excited yet asking for testimonials. Other injectables will continue being popular given their entrenchment in the cosmeceutical industry and because they are quick acting.

I recently did an article on Myer offering botox as a service in its stores. What is your opinion on this, is it sending the wrong message?

As a Nurse Practitioner, working closely with Medical Doctors, we greatly discourage the thought of walk-in “quickie” treatments in a retail environment.  That is why we also discourage people buying such treatments from discount websites. Personal consultation and face mapping is mandatory and this shouldn’t be rushed.