Use These Tips to Treat Sunburn

Although prevention is certainly the best (and most important) cure, we’re probably all guilty of spending a little too much time in the sun and finding ourselves a little on the red side.

Not only can sun exposure and the resulting burn be really dangerous, it can also be really painful and have long term aging effects on your skin. From internal and external dehydration to dark spots and pigmentation, wrinkles and even a change to your skins’ texture, the side effects are not cute.

If you do find yourself with a touch of sunburn after a day at the beach, treating it quickly and correctly can help to reduce pain, speed up your recovery and prevent long-term damage. Although, not all damage is preventable so it’s always best to regularly see a specialist to check for melanoma.

It’s also important to remember that the extent of your sunburn can take a few hours to reveal itself so at the first signs that you’ve overstayed your welcome outdoors, get into the shade and start treating your burn.

Here’s how to treat sunburn…

#1 Apply a cool compress to help stop the burning. This theory is the same as running your hand under cold water if you’ve burnt it in the kitchen. Reducing the heat using an icepack wrapped in a tea towel can help to lessen the severity of your burn.

#2 Rehydrate by drinking water. Not only will this help to ward of side effects of dehydration such as headaches and dizziness, it will also help to return hydration to your skin.

#3 Moisturise your wet skin with a light, oil-free moisturiser. Oil based products can trap the heat and prevent it from cooling down. Applying your oil-free moisturiser when your skin is wet helps it to be absorbed. You’re going to want to keep up a rigorous moisturising schedule for the next few days to prevent skin peeling.

#4 Apply aloe vera to soothe the inflammation. You can buy aloe vera in a lot of different forms but I’d recommend gel or spray products so you can put them in the fridge for an extra soothing and cooling effect when applied. Reducing the inflammation helps with the healing and short term pain.

#5 Wear protective clothing and stay out of the sun. Stopping your burn from getting any worse while it’s healing is paramount in preventing more damage. You should still be using SPF but it is best to wear long, loose sleeves, a hat and keep to shady areas.

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