Use These Tips To Make Your Wedding Hair Do Stay In Place All Night Long

We’re all familiar with just how long weddings really are and how important it is to get your hair and makeup just right so they look as good at the end of the night as they do when you first walk down the aisle.

If any bridal beauty trend has emerged so far for 2019 it’s that up-dos are out and loose yet polished curls and waves are in.

Securing an up-do is significantly easier than locking in your look when you’re wearing your hair down. With strands of hair all neatly twisted and pinned in place, you can use gels, hairsprays and pomades until your heart’s content without worry that you’ll ruin the look by restricting movement.

Wearing your hair down is a completely different story, especially if you’re going for curls in naturally straight or flat hair. Too many styling products and your hair just looks stiff, losing that natural and elegant charm you were going for in the first place. It can be a hard task to make your hairstyle hold its style all day long so there a few things you’ll need to do to give it hand…

1. Don’t wash your hair the morning of your wedding day.

Styles will generally hold better in hair that isn’t freshly washed and it’s easier to build texture. If you normally wash your hair every day and oil builds up quickly, dry shampoo is going to be your best friend for absorbing some of that excess oil while also providing some texture. Ouai dry shampoo foam is a great option as it doesn’t leave behind any residue or make your hair look overly dry like others can.

2. When curling your hair, think about which styling tool suits your hair best.

Personally, my hair holds curls from a curling wand far better than it holds curls from a straightener. I also know that I’m able to run my fingers through the curls without too much worry that they’ll drop faster. When trialling your hair do with your stylist, get them to try different methods, hot rollers, a straightener, curling iron or wand, and see which you like best and which curls have the most staying power.

3. Apply styling products before you use heat tools, as well as after.

A quick spritz of hair spray or texturising spray before you take to straightening or curling your hair provides a bit of grit and can help hold your style. It also means that once you’ve finished styling, you can use a lighter hairspray for hold and not run the risk of any tackiness, crunchiness or unnatural looking hold.

4. Don’t brush out your curls until they have completely cooled.

Breaking this rule will result in lacklustre and fallen curls. It’s imperative that your hair has completely cooled and your curls or waves are set before you lightly run a wide tooth comb or your fingers through them to stretch them out and fluff them up. It’s the best way to get natural looking volume and prevent spiral shapes turning into zig-zag looking waves.

5. Use a light hold hairspray both before and after brushing out your curls.

Building light layers of hairspray through your look provides a lot more longevity than blasting it with hold right at the end. It’s best to use hairspray before you heat style, after you’ve finished heat styling but before you brush out your curls, and after you’ve brushed out your hair.


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