Use These 5 Concealers For A Creaseless Complexion

Say goodbye to dark circles, acne scars, pigmentation and redness. Concealer would have to be one of the most versatile makeup products available and I think we all take it for granted.

There are makeup artists who forego foundation in place of just covering blemishes with a skin tone matched concealer because the natural, luminous result beats even the most invisible, skin-like foundations. It’s one makeup product I never leave the house without applying.

With so many on the market you could spend your whole life trying a different formula but to save you some time, here’s the ones you should try first…

Tarte Shape Tape – Shape Tape has become somewhat of a cult favourite beauty product, and it’s my favourite concealer by far. Shape Tape is a full coverage concealer, and it covers any blemish or dark circle with just one layer. It saves me time and effort, and I’m here for it!

I used to use more lightweight concealers, in a similar coverage to my foundation, but I found I’d need to apply layer upon layer to cover my darkness under my eyes, and I sometimes needed a top up during the day. With Shape Tape I just need a tiny amount to easily and effectively cover dark circles. My application tip is to blend it in quickly after you apply it, if you leave it sitting on the skin too long it will start to set- so get blending!

Tarte Shape Tape is a fantastic concealer that will last all day without having to reapply. SHOP IT HERE


Charlotte Tilbury Magic Away Concealer – From the applicator sponge to the radiant finish, it really is a winner. The formula is almost like a dewy, full coverage foundation – something that is notoriously hard to find. To really erase my dark under eye circles I do find that I need to layer this concealer, however it builds beautifully and doesn’t cake. The undertones in the colour also mean that dark circles and blemishes look natural when covered and not greyish like some other concealers do.

Image – @ctilburymakeup

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer – Ask any beauty buff and they’ll sing you the praises of Nars’ famous concealer. When I bought my first tube many years ago it was a bit of a splurge but the value is incredible. It’s super creamy formula makes it really easy to blend without losing any coverage and it melts comfortably into your foundation. One of the biggest highlights of the product is the shade range. There’s a tonne of shades with varying undertones so you can find your perfect match.

Image  – @narsissist


It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye + Illumination Concealer – Honestly, the super thick consistency of this concealer threw me off at first but after I learnt how to use it properly, I was hooked. I originally bought it because of how incredibly hard I fell for the It Cosmetics CC+ cream but I quickly realised this product deserves as much hype. The coverage is flawless without looking cakey or thick on the skin. You do have to work it a bit and I find it best to melt the product between my fingers before tapping it on, but otherwise it’s simple to use and very effective. A little goes a long, long way so go easy when you’re squeezing it out.

Image – @itcosmetics


Maybelline Fit Me Concealer – I first tried this concealer because I was told it was a dupe for my beloved Nars. While it may not be quite as creamy, the coverage, longevity and its ability to blend into both your bare skin and foundation seamlessly means it stacks up pretty close. Then you consider the crazy affordable price and you’d be crazy not to give it a go. The only down side is the smaller shade range but I find that when I use two different shades across my face it works out.

Image – @maybelline

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