Ultra C23

Ultra C23 Firming Concentrate from Ultraceuticals is a powerful skin rejuvenation serum. It is truly skin care at its best. I have always been an advocate for the power of vitamin A and C in your skin care regime and this product brings us a powerful form of vitamin C which is quickly absorbed and used to renew skin cells and leave you with hydrated radiant skin. This potent ingredient gives you visible and significant results.
With a CSIRO developed system for ascorbic acid this serum will rid you of dry crepey skin cells, increase elastin levels and lock in hydration. Once dull skin will be renewed and restored to glowing, plump, hydrated skin in a matter of a fortnight. I have been using C23 for around 6 weeks now and I have noticed dramatic improvements- fine lines are less visible and my skin is looking firm and radiant. I have actually had several compliments on the appearance of my skin and can only put it down to this!
C23 is 23% pure vitamin C, it won’t clog the skin and is paraben free.
When I apply it , it has a tingly slightly stinging sensation which quickly disappears, this is the vitamin C ascorbic acid working.
This product is supreme quality and would work well on any skin type. It will undoubtedly get positive results in any skin care routine.
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