Try These Workouts If You Hate Cardio

I’ve always wanted to be the kind of person that wakes up before dawn and goes for a lengthy jog along the coast as the sun rises beside me. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely I’ll ever be that type of person thanks to my aversion to my alarm clock and inability to function for the first few hours of my day.

While I do enjoy the occasional run, both outdoors or on the treadmill, it’s not something I love enough to remain consistent, which after all, is one of the most important components of improving your health and fitness levels. And I know I’m not alone.

Cardio is a widely dreaded thing in the workout world and often the kind of exercise we associate with slogging it out in the gym, huffing and puffing and sweating our butts off.

So, if you hate cardio and are looking for something a little more inspiring to keep you motivated to reach your fitness goals, there are plenty of fun workouts you can try to change up your routine and make things a little more interesting.

1. Barre Class

Utilising ballet inspired movements alongside a ballet barre, barre classes are popular for their low impact, strengthening and lengthening movements. While it may sound like a pretty workout, you’ll certainly work up a sweat and an intense burn thanks to the repetition of bodyweight movements and the often-added use of resistance bands.

2. Boxing

Boxing is a fun and high-energy way to get your cardio in without having to look at a treadmill, bike or cross-trainer. The classes are often designed to incorporate a range of movements, not just punching, and help to improve your agility, balance and strength while working on your heart. Did I mention it will give you killer arms?

3. HIIT Classes

While the entire premise of a HIIT class revolves around cardio and getting your heart to beat a little faster, a good HIIT class will incorporate circuits of resistance or plyometric movements so you don’t really feel like you’re doing cardio. Moving throughout stations you’ll go all-out for 45 seconds of on-time and then have a 15 second break before moving on. If you really hate to lose your breath, you can always up your weights and slow down your movements, just as long as you’re still pushing yourself during your on-time.

4. Reformer Pilates

Reformer Pilates is a little different to the mat-based classes you’re probably familiar with. Classes are completed on a reformer machine, a piece of equipment that may look intimidating but actually aids an intense workout filled with variety. Movements are great for strengthening, building lean muscles and improving your flexibility.

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