Trend Alert: Feather Brows

When I first saw a photo of the feather brow on Instagram, I immediately thought to myself, surely this has to be a joke? Funnily enough, the feather brow created by makeup artist Stella Sironen was firstly posted as a joke, but much to her shock, has now become a booming trend on multiple social media platforms.

The feather brow trend says it all in the name. It is where you part your brows down the centre and create a feather like shape by pulling your eyebrow hairs outwards from the part with glue and eyebrow gel. It really is quite clever and super cute on the eye.

Of course to create this look you need quite bushy eyebrows to begin with, as it gives off a better feathery and soft appearance. You really can get quite creative with this trend as some beauty queens who have recreated this look have been using brow pomades to create a more intense and full feather look, with some also adding glitter and colour into them. Cool huh?

So, what do you think? Y or N. Personally I wouldn’t wear it out in public, because I mean, i’m not outrageous enough to rock such a look, but I am definitely all for this trend. It really goes to show just how quickly a trend can begin, even when it was meant to be a joke.

Make sure you #featherbrowtrend if you decide to recreate this look or even look up the hashtag on Instagram to see what it’s all about.