Treating Dark Circles With Filler

Dark circles under the eye are one of the biggest areas of concern for both women and men. Most of us have darkness under our eyes to some degree.
The eyes are a hotspot of perception and are the area people first notice when they look at your face.
Darkness under the eyes can be caused by many things, lack of sleep, medications, alcohol, stress and of course genetics.
The skin around the eye area is thinner and more delicate, and because of this the colour of the blood vessels beneath the skin can often show through, creating a purplish-brown ring beneath the eye.
As we age dark circles become more prominent and harder to cover with makeup.
After seeing a doctor online performing a treatment for dark circles that gave instant results using filler, it immediately got my attention.
Dark circles were a concern for me, and the older I get the deeper and darker my dark circles become. Just one look at my family elders gave me a glimpse of what genetics have in store for me in the future…. deeper, darker circles.

So, filler under my eyes could give me the solution I was after, but did I really want to put filler in my face??

Eek! that thought terrified me.
I’m all for a bit of Botox, but I’d always regarded fillers with a great deal of trepidation. After all, filler was responsible for all those weird puffy ‘plastic surgery’ faces, joker-like cheek bones, and trout pout lips that I’d seen, and I did not want to look like that!

I saw supermodel Taylor Hill have the treatment done and she looked fab! Absolutely natural.

After a good 6 months of educating myself on the topic, I learned that without a doubt the key to getting a natural and effective result is the doctor you choose to do the treatment.
Using injectables is somewhat of an art, and every injector will give you a slightly different result. You need to be able to rely on, and completely trust your injector.
Filler should and can be used to create a supremely natural result on any area of the face.
Everyone notices the bad filler jobs, but for every bad job there are probably 50 good jobs. The reason we don’t notice the good jobs is that they are so natural they’re undetectable. And that’s the way it should be.

So back to my dark circles….
Of course I was only going to go to the best doctor to have the treatment done.

I went to see Dr Steven Liew one of Australia’s top (if not the top) plastic surgeons for the treatment.
I’d met Dr Liew at an event the previous year and I asked him “do you think I should have anything done to my face?” And coincidentally he suggested I treat the one thing that concerned me- my dark circles. My dark circles were caused by a loss of volume in the under eye/cheek area and Dr Liew suggested I treat it with filler.

After seeing a lot of his work I trusted that Dr Liew would give me a great, natural looking result.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to have trust and confidence in your doctor before you have any cosmetic procedure.

You do want an injector who addresses each case individually, looks at your face and aims for a result that is aesthetically pleasing for you.
You do not want an injector who does the same style treatment on every patient or who has a tendency to over-fill. The results will be unnatural. This can be the difference between going to a cheaper clinic or a top clinic or plastic surgeon.


I love my result!!!!
Honestly no one can tell I’ve had anything done except me. My husband has no clue, and he looks at my face everyday.
There was no swelling, no pain and no downtime. And best of all no bruising.

My dark circles have diminished significantly. The ridge that lines the dark circles is much less prominent and I don’t feel the need to pack on concealer anymore.

Dr Steven Liew is owner and director of Shape Clinic in Darlinghurst Sydney. Click HERE to contact them OR call +61 2 8356 2888