The Beauty Tips You Need If You’re Going On Holiday!

I’ve just returned from over a month of travelling from tropical islands to New York City, I travelled through heavy humidity, rain, harsh sun and just a few earthquakes (only 5…).

You’d think I’d be happy to be home, but I’m not #takemeback #holidayblues…

Anyway, one thing I’m now definitely an expert on is packing all the essential beauty products for any climate, in as little suitcase space as possible.

Large sizes of cosmetics like shampoo, conditioner, body wash, body lotion etc are generally pretty heavy and they take up a lot of space in your suitcase.

It’s a fantastic idea to stick to products you already know and love, and invest in some travel sized bottles and tubs to fill with your favourite products. This means you can still take all your favs without taking up too much room in your luggage or being overweight.

In Flight

Invest in a small clear plastic beauty bag to take on board with you. A clear plastic pouch or case means you don’t have to pull everything out when you go through security. Make sure you don’t take any aerosols or anything over 100ml in your hand luggage. Most travel sized things are under 100ml anyway.

Essentials to pack in your in-flight beauty kit are:

  • Eye drops- I hate having red eyes, so I use these before I get off the plane at the other end.
  • Lip balm- If you’re like me lip balm is absolutely essential on a flight. I start to panic if I’ve forgotten it because I can’t stand the feeling of dry lips. My fav is Bioderma Atoderm Lip Balm.
  • Toothbrush – For obvious reasons…
  • Hand cream – I’m not usually a hand cream user, but when I fly I can’t go without it. As you know flights seem to suck all the moisture out of you, and my hands get really dry and feel awful. I LOVE Bioderma Atoderm hand cream  it’s fragrance free and intensely hydrating.
  • Deodorant- I use natural deodorant that comes in a small pot anyway, but if you usually use a big aerosol buy a small roll on to take on board with you.
  • Basic make-up- I only take bb cream, concealer, mascara, blush and wipes for a quick freshen up before I land.

In Your Luggage

When packing travel sized skin care it doesn’t mean I’m willing to compromise on the high quality of skin care I use. And I don’t really like the idea of digging into my expensive face creams to dish them out into travel pots either.

A few of my favourite brands make travel sized skin care kits, with literally everything you could possibly need for a long holiday. Those tiny bottles have a deceivingly large amount of product in them. If you don’t finish them off on one trip, save them for your next trip or finish them off at home.

I LOVE my active skin care, and I use a retinol product every day to keep my skin bright and even. Elizabeth Arden have just released a new retinol capsule that I decided was my best option to travel with. The capsules contain your daily dose of retinol, you just pop it open and apply the retinol serum to the skin.

Because it’s encapsulated means there’s no risk of leakage in your suitcase, and that the retinol remains at it’s freshest and most potent. The combination of retinol and ceramide (two powerful anti- ageing ingredients) has worked wonders on my skin. It’s feeling amazing, and my pigmentation hasn’t even come close to how intense it usually gets after being on a beach holiday.

Body wash, body lotion, shampoo and conditioner can all be safely and effectively poured into plastic travel bottles. I buy travel bottles and tubs from Clarkes storage. They are really handy to have, inexpensive, and save a significant amount of space.

Fake tan users beware

I find fake tan of the mousse/foam variety (my favourite) almost always leaks when it’s in your luggage. I’ve learned that the hard way, probably 3 or 4 times!

Unless you want to triple wrap the fake tan bottle in plastic it’s probably easier to take a cream self tan instead. I prefer to have a spray tan before I leave , and then I only have to take a gradual tanner with me. The gradual tan doubles as your body moisturiser and tops up your tan, meaning you take one product instead of two.

I’d still make sure it’s in some sort of plastic bag, but from experience I’ve found this type generally don’t leak.


We all know that holidays are usually the time our hair decides to rebel. Sun, sea and surf are one thing, but humidity OMFG!

Yep, dry, brittle hair from chlorine and salt water are a common occurrence on holiday, so I highly recommend taking a salon quality treatment with you, along with a leave-in conditioning spray. If you use a great brand it will keep your hair ridiculously soft and shiny, and it will protect it from damage and split ends.

I LOVE the Joico K-PAK Colour Therapy Shine & Repair Treatment, and also the Joico K-PAK Colour Therapy Shine & Repair Leave in Spray… the combination of both of these have made my hair feel SO good.

Another great Joico product (obviously created by miracle workers) is the Joico Humidity Blocker. It’s a finishing spray which you spray on your hair once you’ve finished styling it (like hairspray), it holds the style BUT it also blocks the humidity from affecting your hair. Genius!  I was literally using a light misting of this every single day.

The second hair dilemma you face when travelling is that many other countries including the USA use a different voltage electricity, and our hair dryers from home just will not work. If they do work, they’re pathetically weak. Hotel hair dryers are usually not great either, but I found a brilliant little travel hair dryer from VS Sasson that is super affordable, small (yet still powerful) so you can easily fit it in your suitcase, and it’s dual voltage, so it can be used anywhere in the world.



If you need to take nail polish remover opt for nail polish remover pads. Nail polish remover pads come in smaller pots, and the pads absorb all the liquid so there is no chance of leakage. Like fake tan, I’ve found that normal bottles of nail polish remover always leak under the pressure on the plane. Nail polish remover pads are your best bet and can be bought at Kmart for $2.


If you have a pretty full make-up bag, try to downsize. Product weight and size isn’t really an issue with make-up products as they are usually small anyway. But, if you have 20 lipsticks in your bag try to narrow it down to 2 or 3.

I like to take an eyeshadow palette with a selection of colours in it with me to save me taking separate loose eyeshadows. An eyeshadow palette should have everything you will need on your trip and it’s easier to pack and takes up minimal space.

If you’re going somewhere hot, mineral make-up is the way to go. Mineral foundations are the only type of make-up that won’t clog your pores, it’s very long lasting and will withstand even the hottest climates. Mineral make-up absorbs excess oil from the skin evenly across the face. So rather than feeling like your make-up has all come off in the heat, it will last all day long and not cause any blockages. And mineral make-up is naturally sun protective too.

My favourite is Inika Organic- as the name suggests it’s 100% natural and organic. I also love the fact that they have pressed/baked powder options, like blush, illuminate and bronzer. A lot of mineral brands only do loose powders and these can be messy and aren’t a great idea to travel with. I’ve travelled with a lot of Inika products this trip, and their lip colours and baked powders are my absolute favourites!

If you’re going on a beach holiday or somewhere hot, trust me when I say you won’t wear anywhere near as much make-up as you would at home. So try to bear that in mind when packing your holiday make-up kit. My beach holiday hack, to give you a ‘night out’ look with just your simple go-to basics is to take with you a few pairs of false lashes. By adding false eyelashes to your everyday look, you can instantly transform your look into something a bit more glam- suitable for fancy dinners, or just cocktails on the beach. I packed my favourite 1000Hour lashes in two styles, ‘boho’ and ‘kitten’ which are inexpensive, high quality and easy to apply.

Overall try to pack products you love and you know are effective. And if you find yourself being lazy and considering throwing in the full size product instead of making a trip to the shops to get everything in travel size, just think about this- one full size bottle of shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, deodorant, and body wash ? or an extra pair of shoes?