Transform Your Skin From Within

 Luminous skin is in! Sure, you can fake a dewy complexion with highlighters and strobe creams but nothing looks as good as a healthy, natural glow. For truly radiant skin, you have to look at your diet. If you think you’re looking a little lackluster, chances are your nutrition is playing a part.

We asked skincare and herbal medicine expert Vaia Pappas to share her wisdom on the best food and supplements for your complexion.

Here are Vaias best tips for skin that glows from within.

What are the top 5 ingredients for healthy skin, hair and nails?

Turmeric, avocado, almonds, sesame oil and salmon.

 How can our diet cause or contribute to skin issues?

Eating foods with numbers (i.e. preservatives) can create skin problems such as acne, congestion and general skin irritation. The consumption of processed food would have the same effect.

Lots of “health foods” are available but when you really break down the ingredients, it can be shocking. I never shop without my app chemical maze. It’s about $8 and you can key in any ingredient which you are not sure about – either food or cosmetic. It explains if it is harmful and where it is derived from.

What are the top 5 beauty supplements?

  • Zinc: Vital for connective tissue repair and immunity.
  • Fish oil: Anti inflammatory, anti aging, hydrating, cardiovascular protector and hormone regulator.
  • Resveratrol Complex by Metagenics: So anti-aging, it has Botox like effects after just 1 month of use. It’s also very supportive to the cardiovascular system.
  • MSM: Necessary for collagen production, so pro anti-aging. Also great for acne as it detoxifies the skin.
  • Probiotics: Great for acne and rosacea.

Top tips for healthy nails?

Adequate iron levels are really important for healthy strong nails. Micro minerals found in a good quality multi-vitamin are useful also.

Bone broth, bone broth, bone broth. I can’t stress how much this helps hair, skin and nails. Its collagen rich properties are so strengthening for connective tissue

How can we make our hair thicker?

The same way you would strengthen your nails. Also, check your hormone levels as oestrogen and testosterone excess will definitely thin the hair.

Another important thing is what kind of water do you wash your hair with? I personally have a small attachment on my shower, which removes chlorine, fluoride and other nasties from my water. People always comment on how shiny and lustrous my hair is; it is the water. Remember chlorine is bleach.

Can certain herbal teas be helpful for skin issues?

Absolutely! Nettle tea is my favorite skin tea. Great for acne or general skin irritation. It’s also great for strengthening hair.



Vaia Pappas is the owner and lead therapist of VaiaBeauty salon in Surry Hills. VaiaBeauty is a skincare and herbal medicine clinic that takes a holistic approach to beauty and health.

 Vaia is a qualified beauty therapist with a Diploma of Naturopathy and a Bachelor of Health Sciences.