Top ten tips to beautify your post-winter body- GUEST BLOGGER AMY ERBACHER

Amy Erbacher is a former swimwear model, TV presenter and celebrity. She has always had an inetnse passion for skin care and beauty. Now a qualified Aesthetician Amy is the Product ambassador and expert for Phillips LUMEA an at home IPL system, which is great for keeping skin hair-free. Amy gave us this great guide to beautifying our winter bodies.

The lead-up to summer is the perfect time to start an inside-and-out body cleanse to get you prepped up and pretty for better weather. Below you’ll find some great tips to get you started.

1. Your diet should consist of non-processed foods, ruling out most “white” carbohydrates (white bread, white rice) and sugar. The benefits will include weight loss and less bloating, and you’ll hopefully learn how to cook  some delicious, wholesome recipes along the way,

Another great tip for overall health is to visit a naturopath for personalised nutrition advice and to get a specially formulated toxin-eliminating tonic. This vitamin and nutrient-rich potion will be created especially for  you according to your health and dietary needs.

2.  Have an Epson salt bath. Epsom salts help to eliminate toxins from the body. Epsom salts also contain magnesium, which reduces swelling, and the bath will be oh-so-relaxing after a busy, stressful day at work.

3.  Exercise to feel good, lose weight and tone up! I love Pilates – it is truly the only exercise that has changed my overall body image. Your legs and body will be toned and defined, without added bulk!


4. Exfoliate your entire body two to three times per week for improved circulation and to remove dead skin. Exfoliation encourages skin cell turnover for freshness and elasticity. It also allows your moisturising products to reach the deeper layers of your skin for a truly hydrating effect.

5. Moisturise with body cream and a hint of shimmer. Steer clear of dry, scaly skin this spring – keep your whole body moisturised. If you’re getting ready for a special occasion, add a hint of shimmer to your legs by mixing body bronzer with your favourite moisturiser or body oil for a sexy, healthy summer “glow”.

6. To improve circulation and help eliminate cellulite, nothing beats a massage. Use essential oils like grapefruit, cypress, lavender, juniper or basil and mix this with a “carrier oil” – oil blended with a couple of drops of essential oils to prevent skin irritation – such as sweet almond or apricot.

7. For silky, hair-free legs, underarms and bikini line, try an IPL hair-removal device like the Philips LUMEA IPL for easy at-home use. The device is gentle and cordless, giving you the freedom to remove unwanted hair in the convenience of your own home.

Going out? Follow these additional tips to have you looking sparkly in no time.

  1. A professional spray tan will have you looking like you’ve just stepped off the plane from an exotic summer holiday – you’ll be the envy of all the girls in the office. Nothing beats a flawlessly-applied, professional spray tan. Blemishes and stretch marks will be instantly hidden (and now’s the perfect time to bring out that mini you’ve been hiding).
  2. Treat yourself to a pedicure for beautiful, polished feet. After wearing closed-toe shoes all winter, sandal-ready your feet and add a touch of glam with a pedi and a splash of classic red nail polish.
  3. To finish off a perfect outfit, add some killer heels. This one accessory will add centimetres to your height and make your legs look like they go on forever.