Top At-home Tans, Because We’re Not Over Summer Yet

Summer is officially over but that doesn’t mean your skin has to show it. With so many amazing formulas available, the at-home fake tan has become a winning way to stay bronzed without inconvenient trips to the salon or dangerous sunbeds.

I rely on faux tan all-year-round to warm up my complexion and achieve that healthy, “I’ve just come back from a Summer in Europe”, type glow. But there’s a few big differences between tanning at home in Summer and Winter.

Firstly, I never want my colour to go as dark as it does in Summer, because let me assure you, that’s the quickest way to tell its fake. For that reason, I need a tan that gives a beautiful colour after just one application because doubling up just won’t look as natural in Winter as it does in Summer.

Also, I know I’m not alone in suffering from dry skin over Winter. Heaters, wind and general laziness because, let’s face it, your legs don’t see the light of day for months, can take its toll. That means extra exfoliation and a strict moisturising routine is required before tanning and a formula that is super hydrating on the skin. There’s also the fact that it needs to be long lasting and not rub off onto your jeans and jumpers.

Keep reading for a few tried and true favourites…

St Tropez Self Tan Dark Bronzing Mousse

It’s won a stack of awards and it’s not hard to see why. The mousse is the perfect consistency. It doesn’t drip and instead glides effortlessly onto your skin with none of that annoying build up. You don’t need to work it too much as you apply it and its given me the darkest result of any I’ve tried. One coat is the perfect amount for a natural looking Winter tan.

JBRONZE Dark Tanning Mouse

The enviable glow that is Jennifer Hawkins made me insanely eager to try this formula. The mousse is smooth, goes on easily and gives a streak free result. The tinted guide is quite subtle so a good memory of where you’ve already applied it is helpful but the result is really natural. It’s like an enhancement of your own colour rather than a coat of fake tan. Definitely recommend!

Roxy Tan by Skinny Tan

Be prepared for a bit of a shock when you first use this one. I’ve never used a tanning cream quite so thick and struggled at first to spread it on. I went to bed looking a bit patchy but once I washed the residue off in the morning, the tan was even, golden and lasted a week before it began to fade. It’s a great value option and would create a beautiful colour on a range of skin tones.

Bondi Sands Express 1 Hour Tanning Foam

The thick foamy texture of this formula both works for and against you. There’s zero mess involved but you have to work quick and make sure you’ve got enough on your mitt because it dries quickly. Once you’ve got it on, it develops quicker than any other I’ve used. You can leave it on for just 30mins to get a light glow and up to 3 hours for its darkest result. I typically fence sit and go for an hour and half and love the bronzed colour it gives me.