Top 5 Healthy Foods to Snack On

Finding a snack that’s considered healthy these days can be quite difficult, due false advertising and secret added sugars and additives. It’s always best to stick to natural foods, which are either grown on a tree or have come from the ground instead of packaged snacks and bars. Here are the top 5 healthy snacks according to health food expert, Selasi Berdie, Director of BSKT Wholefoods.

These blue beauties are a very important super food due to its high number of antioxidants, which can help prevent cancer and diabetes. Selasi claims that blueberries “are extremely low in fructose so you can eat quite a few of them without suffering from a ‘crash’ afterwards”, which is a major plus.

Due to their richness in Vitamin A, C and Fibre, studies have proven that blueberries can boost cardiovascular health and are also very beneficial for brain health and function. Try stick to a handful a day (which can be hard because of how tasty they are) and the benefits will start to kick in.

Almonds are filled with protein, fiber, vitamin E, manganese, B2, magnesium and are very high in HEALTHY fats. Although they are high in fat, you can consider it as a good/healthy fat. Selasi says that almonds can assist in “controlling blood sugar levels and with weight loss”.

Coconut Chips
Now who doesn’t love coconut? Anything coconut and I’m completely hooked. Luckily for my coconut obsessed self, coconut is incredibly rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals and very high in fiber.

Selasi goes on to say that although coconut chips are high in fat, “it is the richest source of medium-chain triglycerides which are burnt for energy and do not circulate in the blood stream like other fats. Instead they go straight to the liver and are converted into energy.”

Coconut is also known to completely nourish the body in more ways than one. Selasi claims that coconut “can boost thyroid function, increase metabolism and has anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties”. As coconut chips are crunchy, studies propose that when you are stressed, you weirdly crave crunchy food, making them the perfect afternoon snack.

Cranberries are very sweet and delicious and they’re also nutrient dense and high in antioxidants. According to Selasi, “consuming them has been shown to lower the risk of UTI’s and may help improve immune function, decrease blood pressure and potentially help to protect against certain types of cancers.” The best way to incorporate cranberries into your diet is to simply add them to your smoothies, muesli or protein balls. YUM!

Last but not least we have Walnuts. According to Selasi, these delicious treasures are “richer in omega- 3’s than salmon and they are loaded with more anti-inflammatory polyphenols than red wine.” The walnut doesn’t stop there, they also contain the same amount of protein as chicken, which hands down makes them one of the most beneficial and nutritional foods to eat. Perfect in oats, in your smoothie, or on their own as a raw snack.


BSKT is one of the most popular health food cafes on the Gold Coast. Launching in 2013, they quickly turned into a global health food brand, founding the famous CocoWhip and now BSKT Wholefoods.