TOP 10 Mascaras

It’s fair to say not all mascara’s are to my liking. I have naturally dark lashes, and to me the whole point of a mascara is to amp up the volume, add lengthen and make my lashes really stand out. I’ve tried dozens of different mascaras over the years and it’s been really hit and miss… Fifty percent I’ve loved and the other fifty percent I didn’t like at all. Get bigger, bolder, blacker lashes with this list of the best 10 Mascaras for maximum volume.

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1: Urban Decay: Perversion Mascara  $32. The Mascara is ultra creamy and glides onto the lashes instantly giving you full lashes with just one coat. This mascara is ultra black and the texture is not too dry or too wet. Apply two to three coats and you’ll never wear falsies again with its amazing lengthening technique. 604214922600_perversion


2: Chanel: Le Volume De Chanel $52. This mascara creates instant volume and intense curves from the first stroke, giving you longer, plumper and thicker lashes. Your lashes are coated in an intense slick of black, giving your eyes a wide-open effect. The brush is a smart design of snowflake-shaped disks that are stacked and oriented for an ideal finish. The black glossy fluid formula allows for quick drying and helps build a customized volume for your liking.S191210_XLARGE


3: Estee Lauder: Sumptuous Infinite Daring Length + Volume Mascara $48.

The innovative stretchable fibers of this mascara perfectly shape, plump and extend each individual lash from roots through to tips. The fibers are fused onto the lashes as the mascara dries, setting and locking in length. The exclusive molded dual acting brush has short bristles that add volume and an extended comb that style, lengthens and fans out lashes. This mascara has a 10-hour wear, clump-resistant, flake proof and smudge proof formula. The perfect mascara to wearing during the summer months as it is sweat and humanity resistant._8652449

4: Maybelline Volum’ Expresso The Falsies Black Drama Mascara $19.95 .         

This mascara gives you the false lash effect with the patented spoon brush, which reaches lashes from corner to corner while the extra black drama formula fills in every gap ensuring each individual lash is coated with the extra matte formula. To get the best result with this mascara hold the brush with the spoon side upwards against lashes and sweep from root to tip and repeat for your desired look.2224085


5: Lancome Paris Grandiose Mascara $54.

Lancome’s most recent innovative mascara is the first mascara brush bent to work with the shape of your face for exceptional access to all lashes. Corner to corner, root to tip giving the ultimate in length, lift and volume. The elastomer-molded brush in a monoi flower shape coats even the smallest of lashes. The formula is ultra black and glossy, quick drying and is the only formula with rose-cell extract leaving lashes soft and supple. This mascara is perfect to create a natural look to the lashes but gives them that extra length and volume.Lanc_ocirc_me_Grandi_ocirc_se_Wide_Angle_Fan_Effect_Mascara_1406207279

6: Bobbi Brown Smoky Eye Mascara $44.

This mascara gives you thicker, fuller, bolder lashes in just one super saturated stroke. The mascara is kohl pigmented allowing it to build dramatic volume lash by lash. The thicker brush evenly combs through lashes from roots to ends while the tapered tip grabs those small, hard to reach lashes. This mascara is perfect for a dramatic eye make up look, as the result is dramatically dark with lashes stretched out in an instant to complement the perfect smoky eye look. Definitely the perfect mascara to draw attention to your eyes.


7: Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes $46

This mascara is famous for having everything all in one, as it is curls, separates, and adds volume length and drama. The five grooved brush deposits the optimal line of mascara along the lash line, pushing your lashes up and out, and the fine tipped bristles catch every lash no matter how short or fine, coating them in a glossy black formula. The formula creates full volume and soft feathery lashes ensuring you don’t end up with spidery lashes.pp_full_fat_lashes_alt_1_open


8: Yves Saint Laurent Mascara Volume Effet Faux Cils Shocking $55

If you want thick full lashes this is the perfect mascara to add some extra drama to your eyes. The amplified helix brush is tailored cut and the advanced formula adds instant volume on the appearance of lashes. The brush has an asymmetric shape to capture all lashes for amazing length and curl. The formula thickens the appearance of lashes for the most shocking false lash effect. The result is thick luscious lashes.main_variation_3BRONZEBLACK_view_01_330x430


9: Dior: Diorshow $52.

This mascara has been popular backstage at fashion shows for many years; it’s the ultimate runway mascara with extreme volume and lash extension effect. The Diorshow mascara combines the legendary power of its XXL brush with a buildable cream formula for the adjustable use of volume. The result customizes volume to mirror the effect of professional lash extensions all at your fingertips with the stroke of the brush.000080432


10: L’Oreal Lash Architect 4D Mascara $21.95.

One of L’Oreal’s newest mascaras builds captivating lashes with each and every brush stroke by providing volume, length, texture and curl. The formula contains long rigid 4mm nylon fibres the same material that false eyelashes are made from that build volume by moulding, re-shaping and sculpting without hardening or stiffening the lashes. The result is volumized, lengthened, texturized and curved lashes. The look is captivating from every angle.513044_xlarge