To B(otox) or not to B(otox)? That is the question…

 I am nearly 30 and the first signs of ageing skin are becoming more and more apparent to me. Hearing more and more stories of friends turning to Botox as a preventative measure against lines, gets me thinking should I start getting it? frown lines that used to leave when i wasn’t frowning seem to never completely leave now.

I Used to think it was only people with already mature skin and wrinkles that used Botox until a friend told me that once you have the lines, then you need a filler like restalin to get rid of them, Botox works better as a preventative. It temporarily paralyses the facial muscles, this in turn stops the creation of frown lines and other facial character lines which will develop into wrinkles. So in order to achieve maximum results the earlier you start the less lines will develop over time.

Botox is a BIG Business. Over 11 million people worldwide have used it. One major draw card is that there are proven results and its a non surgical procedure just simple injections. And because of its temporary nature it needs to be done again after 6 months. The best way to choose which doctor to see to is to ask around the community. There are usually doctors with good reputations that have had a long record of success, always go to someone that you know has had good results. You would think an injection is simple, but its a bit of an art as to where exactly they make the injections to avoid looking unnatural or puffy.

The debate ‘to Botox or not to Botox’ amongst my friends could go on for days. Some say ‘Dont do it, its a toxin you are injecting into your skin. Who knows what that does down the track’ and the rebuttal sounding something like this ‘ They have been using botox for lots of other medical conditions for decades so they know that there aren’t any negative side effects. Plus if it gets rid of wrinkles who cares.’

Part of me wants to be at one with mother nature and grow old gracefully yet the other part of me wants to slam on the breaks to the ageing train, and get out of it the easy way.

And so the question remains- What will I be getting for my 30th?

The Beauty Expert