Tired Looking Eyes

I’ve been a little concerned with the ever increasing number of fine lines I have around my eyes. My skin has a tendency to be and dry, and although I use some great products on my skin my eye area just doesn’t seem to hold moisture. Add to that me squinting, being stressed, late nights and the dry wind, my eye area was just feeling a little weathered.

Now, hopefully my worries are a thing of the past. I’ve been using SKII Signs Eye Mask. These little babies are fantastic! you pop them on , leave for 15 min or so and Voila! Your eye area is deeply nourished, hydrated and the fine lines are plumped up reducing their appearance significantly.

The mask consists of two cotton pads per sachet, one for each eye. The pads are soaked in a complex that contains Pitera, a unique ingredient that combats fine lines and dehydrated skin. You place one pad under each eye and leave on for 15 min, or longer if you like. The results are instant, your skin is more radiant, lines are significantly reduced and I really feel and look more fresh faced. Even 24 hours later I can still see the results.

With fans including Cate Blanchette, Naomi Watts, Sarah Murdoch, Georgie Parker  and  Lisa  Ho this product really is an instant fix for tired eyes after a busy day. Even if I’m not feeling like I particularly need to use them, I use them as a little indulgence and treat myself. They are perfect for a little DIY pampering!

SKII Signs Eye Mask box contains 14 masks and retails for $125. Click here to buy online.