Tips To Help Your Makeup Survive Your Winter Getaway

Winter is here and it’s time for the lucky ones to be jetting off to warmer shores in search of a Summery vacation. While long sunny days and balmy nights are something we’d all love to trade these chilly mornings in for, transitioning from dry Winter skin to hot and humid in a matter of a day or so creates a few challenges for our skin and in turn, how we wear makeup.

Humid weather is notorious for sweaty and sliding makeup, especially if you’re prone to an adventurous day of walking, shopping, sightseeing and more walking. Where the biggest problems normally start though is in trying to keep your skin moisturized and glowing to repair any dry and flaky Winter skin while going for makeup that is steadfast and unmovable.

But it can be done! And there’s just a few easy makeup and skincare changes that will help you to stay looking flawless while escaping Winter on your getaway.

Radiant, not matte – Though it’s most tempting to go for a long-wearing matte base to hide shiny and sweaty foreheads, you’ll want to steer away from the temptation. Instead, a velvety, semi-matte foundation or CC cream will give you a more natural look and provide a better compliment to your inevitably sweaty décolletage.

Waterproof mascara, always – Nothing will show off a long and hot day on the town like smudging mascara. A waterproof formula is your safest bet to avoid the panda eye look come 3pm.

Moisturiser but make it sun friendly – Fewer and lighter layers are always going to be more comfortable in humid weather so opt for a moisturiser with SPF rather than two separate steps. You’ll also benefit from the added dose of moisture as you reapply throughout the day as hydration can help to control oil production and counteract shine while also repairing any drying damage the Aussie Winter caused.

Perfect it with powder – A light dusting of a setting powder over the top of your base will help to lock everything in and control shine without having to use a heavier base. The key thing to remember though is to start lightly and just focus on key areas such as your forehead, chin and around the eyes.

Be sure to exfoliate regularly – A great face of makeup starts with great skin, and keeping exfoliated not only protects you from the congestion that can easily build up when holidaying, it also helps give your foundation or BB cream and more stable base to stick to. The key here is to use a gentle exfoliant, not your super strong AHA peel, so that you can up your usage without damaging your skin.


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Photo: Shayan Hathaway

Hair & Make-up: Bonnie G/Oz Beauty Expert

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