Tips To Help You Drink More Water

Water will always be the easiest, cheapest and healthiest product we can all be using to care for our skin. If great makeup application starts from good skin, then good skin starts from within. But many of us aren’t drinking enough and are missing out on all of the health benefits.

If you’ve forgotten, just a few of the many benefits of water for our skin include:

• Rids the body of toxins that can cause dullness and lead to fine lines
• Makes the skin appear more plump and glowing
• Keeps your skin healthy enough to fight off wrinkles and sagging
• Hydration prevents damage caused by dry and flaky skin
• Reduces eye puffiness and the appearance of dark circles under the eyes

If you’re struggling to get more water into your day, try some of these easy tips. It’s believed to only take 21 days to make a habit so make today your first and you’ll be drinking plenty of water with ease in no time!

1. Drink a cup of water as soon as you wake up

Not only does this give your system a jumpstart and help to wake you up, you’ll also be getting one of your eight cups out of the way before you’re even awake enough to realise it.

2. Keep a full bottle or pitcher by your bed

This allows you to both sip before you go to sleep or if you wake during the night but also makes it really easy to drink a cup full first thing after waking.

3. Carry a water bottle with you

It seems really simple but I would often catch myself without a water bottle and, not wanting to buy a plastic bottle, would go without water for long stretches of time. There are plenty of stylish options and even sleek bottles designed to fit into your handbag like Memo Bottle.

4. Have a mouthful of water every time you check your phone or send an email

Doing little things like this helps to build good habits. Eventually, it will become second nature and you’ll be significantly increasing your water intake.

5. Drink a cup on the hour, every hour of the day

If you’d prefer to get your water in larger hits, make it a habit to drink a cup full on the hour, every hour. You can set an alarm or make it more casual by fulfilling your task whenever you notice it’s a new hour.

6. Add slices of fresh fruit or cucumber to your bottle or pitcher

When your water tastes delicious, you’ll be even more inclined to be drinking more of it. Lemon, oranges and limes make great additions for a touch of zest and cucumbers are nice for a more mellow taste. For sweetness, melons are really great!

7. Boost your water with a superfood powder

This has been the most encouraging tip for me personally and has seen me almost double my water intake. Adding a beauty powder not only changes the taste of your water but with the beauty benefits on the line, why wouldn’t you want to be drinking more? Vida Glow’s powders are a great choice.

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