Tips To Help You Beat The Winter Blues

Let me start off by saying I am not a Winter girl. There is not one single thing I like about cold weather.

Give me Summer any day!

As soon as the temperature drops so can my mood. The days get shorter and I start to feel a little flat. This flat feeling consequently leads me into all sorts of bad habits, eating comfort food, not exercising enough, drinking wine, and before you know it I’m eating Twisties for morning tea & KFC for lunch- ( I actually did this on Saturday! WHAT IS HAPPENING?!…)

If you knew me, you’d know that most of the year I’m pretty healthy, my meals are health focused, I exercise plenty and aside from the occasional glass of wine I don’t have any bad habits really.

And yet somehow every year I find myself back here with the Winter blues….

So I’ve compiled a list of the things I do to get myself out of my Winter funk.


  1. Me Time. Take a long hot shower, exfoliate your skin with a beautiful scented body scrub and an exfoliating mitt, shave your hairy winter legs, and put a treatment in your hair. Put some effort into yourself. After you’ve showered take the time to apply your skin care, or better still a face mask. Moisturise your whole body and take the time to blow dry your hair. Even though these beauty rituals are designed to make you look better, they actually make you feel better for putting the effort into you, and these small rituals can really lift your mood.
  2. Nourish Yourself. Invest in some great quality pre and probiotics, collagen, and vitamin supplements. Make sure you start taking them everyday. My favourite supplements are ones that include all of the above in one product, I’m really not a fan of having to take 10 different things each morning, it’s annoying, and it’s much easier to take your daily dose if it’s all in the one supplement. I prefer to use a supplement powder, it can be mixed in a drink, a smoothie or mixed with food, and I always make sure it’s a natural and organic product without any synthetic ingredients. I’ve also committed to taking fish oil tablets daily because I know my skin really benefits from it, not to mention the wide range of internal health benefits it provides too. For me it’s the fact I know I’m looking after my health that makes me feel good, more so than the actual physical effects. However the physical effects from taking a great daily supplement can do things like give you more energy, more vitality, you will digest food better, sleep better, you hair and skin will look better and your immunity will get a boost, meaning you will get sick less often.
  3. Exercise.  I know you’ve been told a million times that exercise helps elevate your mood, but it still amazes me how quickly your mood can improve once you get out and exercise. Take the time to exercise!!! I prefer to go on a big morning or evening walk or run around the beach or a park, I think the fresh air helps to make me feel good. If you haven’t exercised for a while, start off with a walk, it doesn’t take long to walk 3 kms around a park or around your neighbourhood (approx 30 min), and trust me after a few good walks your mood will improve, you will sleep better and you will have more energy. Arranging to walk with a friend also helps to motivate you, and a walk with a good chat is also very therapeutic! If the weather is bad, as it has been so often lately, head to the gym, a yoga class or do what I do and put a yoga class on the laptop from YouTube and do it at home!
  4. Eliminate. Think of 3 things or bad habits you’d like to eliminate from your life and commit to it. For me it would be, no sweet processed foods, eat healthy even on the weekends, and no wine on weeknights, but really cutting out any 3 bad habits will make you feel better both physically and mentally. Don’t take all the things you really love away because you still need to have fun and indulge occasionally. If it’s a bad food choice you want to eliminate, try substituting bad for good. I’ve committed to not having a 3pm Tim Tam snack and instead I now have a collagen beauty bite, which is natural, sugar-free, loaded with vitamins and nutrients and tastes god damn delicious!
  5. Good Deeds. Be kind to those around you. Modern society can be pretty selfish in nature and doing a good deed or offering your love and kindness to someone who needs it can give a sense of worth to both the giver and the receiver. Small actions can have a big effect on both your own mood and of those around you. I must admit, when I’m feeling crappy I do tend to take it out on my husband. I don’t like to admit that, but sometimes everything he does just pisses me off! When you do feel down or flat, instead of getting worked up over small things and letting things get under your skin, just stop, take a deep breath and think of three things you are grateful for- It’s amazing how your mind set can be changed so quickly by focusing on the things that make you happy. My first step is to think of a lovely heartfelt message to send to my husband to brighten his day at work. This in itself makes him feel good, but it also gives me a moment to reflect on why and how much I love him. And don’t just stop at your partner, why not call or send a kind message to your bestie, your mum or a sibling? Even just a simple gesture like a text or a phone call can make you and the receiver both smile on the inside and out. And why not offer your help to a friend who needs it? Mind their kids for a few hours, help them move house, pick up some groceries for them, anything really that helps out someone you care about.


  1. Vanitè Noir Eye Masks. Nothing gets rid of fine lines but these little collagen eye patches certainly do plump up the skin and make them less visible. They make your skin look smooth and your make-up glide on. The eye masks have Dead Sea mud, marine collagen and algae along with hyaluronic acid to plump and hydrate the skin. $25 for  5 pairs.
  2. Joico K-Pak Color Therapy Hair Treatment This product is my all time fav hair treatment, it leaves your hair silky, smooth and in much better condition.
  3. Krumble Foods Beauty Bites. I love these! These beauty bites are my new guilt free 3pm snack. They are sugar free, packed full of vitamin C, Collagen, Probiotics and best of all they taste DELICIOUS! $49 for 14 bites.
  4. Vita-Sol Infinity Wholefood Powder. This organic and natural supplement powder is as clean and as potent as they get! A daily scoop contains powerful anti-oxidants, prebiotic nutrients and cell support. It’s beneficial to the cells, the gut, the skin and more. I’ve been using this powder for about 2 years now, and I swear by it! $59 for around 2 months supply.
  5. The Body Shop African Ximenia Scrub & Exfoliating mitt. These two are a fantastic body combo to use in the shower, they exfoliate the skin at the same time as soaking it in beautiful rich oils. Your skin will be smooth and glowing after using these for a couple of days. $40 for the scrub and $8 for the mitt.
  6. Bioceuticals Ultraclean EPA/DHA Plus. This is my fish oil of choice simply because it’s so potent and ultra purified. Omega 3 Essential Fatty acids are necessary for healthy skin function, healthy heart function and also assist in many other aspects of your overall health.

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