Tips for Achieving a Glowing Healthy Complexion in 2014


Want to achieve a glowing, healthy complexion for 2014? The Australasian College Broadway has got you covered!

  1. Mix a small amount of face bronzer into your moisturiser each day, it will help give your skin a glow without making it look over tanned.
  2. Ensure you exfoliate your skin every week and then nourish the skin with a great body lotion.
  3. Another great way to nourish the skin is a weekly oil bath, this will help make the skin feel soft and stop it from drying out.
  4. Regular body massages are also a great way to look after your muscles and your skin, the oils help to moisturise.
  5. Always make sure you wear a 30+ sun screen when you are out and about to prevent any sun damage.

Supplied by The Australasian College Broadway’s team of beauty experts.

The Australasian College Broadway is considered the benchmark College in Australia for hair, beauty and make-up. The College is a highly awarded and recognised centre for learning and educational excellence. The College has assisted tens of thousands of students in building the skills and knowledge necessary to grow and develop their careers in the personal services sector.

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