Tips for a Christmas Inspired Red Lip

If the thought of a holiday beauty look doesn’t scream a statement lip at you then you are truly missing out on the chance at a festive beauty moment. Whilst Aussie Christmas events are typically a little more low-key ‘prawns at the beach and cricket in the backyard’ type days, it doesn’t mean that you can’t embrace the traditions of our northern hemisphere sister’s and give your beauty look a little yule-tide glam. And the best way to do that? Yep, a red lip!

It may seem a little early to be thinking about your Christmas beauty look but it’s better to be prepared for when all of your holiday event invites undoubtedly begin to roll in. Workplace Christmas parties are a great place to add a red lip to your look, especially if you don’t often wear a lot of makeup to work.

At some point or another, the beauty gods decided that red lips are forever on trend meaning you can now buy a lipstick in just about any shade of red you can imagine. There’s blue reds for a traditional look, orangey reds for Summertime drinks by the sea and deep, wine tinted reds for evening soiree’s.

Wearing red lipstick isn’t exactly a throw-on-and-go trend though. It’s certainly not a hard thing to master but there’s a few easy tips to follow for a forever flawless pout;

  1. Make sure your lips are well conditioned beforehand. Red lipstick, no matter how nourishing the formula, never looks good on a cracked lip. Give your lips a light exfoliation and drench them in a repairing balm beforehand.
  2. Always use a liner. It may seem fussy and old-fashioned but a lip liner will help to give you a sharp edge and prevent your colour bleeding.
  3. Start by defining your cupids bow and pay particular attention to making sure that both peaks in your lip are even. Then, spread your lipstick across the rest of your lips.
  4. Sharpen the edges of your lips by running a damp cotton bud around the edges to pick up any areas where you may have drawn a little outside the lines.
  5. Finish off your red lip by touching up the edges with foundation and applying highlighter to the top of your cupids bow to make your lips look plumper.




Featured Image Credit-

Photographer: Bonnie Cee

Make-up: Bonnie G- Oz Beauty Expert

Model: Abbie Heath @IMG