This Treatment Will Have You Glowing in Time For Your Wedding

If you’ve been searching for heaven on Earth, there’s a chance I’ve already found it. Endota Spa is the ultimate in luxury when it comes to tranquil face and body experiences that go beyond relaxation and actually benefit your skin.

In my quest to decode pre-wedding treatments and find the ones actually worth investing in, I was lucky enough to try the Intense New Age facial at Endota.

The overall experience at Endota Spa has a strong focus on relaxation for the mind, body and spirit. The experience is just as luxurious as using their products. It’s the perfect way to break up the stressful process of planning a wedding and give your body a chance to begin to renew on a deeper level.

Endota’s difference is in their overall approach to your skins health. They know that no facial is a miracle cure so start all of their treatments with a complete analysis of your skin’s hydration level, your current skincare routine, concerns you have and your lifestyle factors that could be impacting your skin.

During the consultation, I took the chance to ask as many questions as I could about my routine, what I could be doing better, what I should do more or less of, those kinds of things. Unsurprisingly, my skin therapist had perfectly educated and informative responses to my questions and armed me with a load of knowledge to apply to my skincare routine to make it more effective for my unique concerns.

Now to the treatment. The Intense New Age facial is designed to stimulate collagen and elastin growth, promote cell renewal and bring plumpness and tone to your skin, everything a bride-to-be needs to look fresh and glowing on her big day. It’s a seamless blend of traditional facial techniques, Endota’s advanced products and the latest technology in tools and treatments.

It’s a three-part treatment with each step working to help prep your skin for the next step and get deep into the layers of your skin to actually see results.

After your skin is cleansed and all makeup is removed, an advanced glycolic peel at a strength of 25% is applied to your skin. To give you some perspective, at-home peel solutions and toners are usually around 6-7% or 10% for intense treatments. The glycolic peel works to deeply exfoliate your skin and even out your skins texture. In the process, it treats pigmentation and helps to even your skin tone. At such a high concentration, I was expecting a bit of a sting but the peel felt gentle and wasn’t more than a light tingle on my skin.

It’s followed with hydro-microdermabrasion. For those of you familiar with microdermabrasion treatments,the hydro-microdermabrasion is along the same lines but uses water instead of the common diamond head to intensely resurface your face. It’s far more hydrating than traditional microdermabrasion treatments and there’s none of the scratchiness many experience. The precise head of the treatment tool allows your therapist to specifically target certain areas of congestion, pigment or dead skin build up to completely clear out your skin.

After the hydro-microdermabrasion is an LED light therapy treatment. I’ve written before about how much I love light therapy for pre-wedding or event treatments. The light rays are designed to deeply penetrate your skin to actively promote cell renewal and the production of collagen. Since your skin’s surface has been intensely exfoliated and resurfaced earlier in the treatment, the light has the ability to get even deeper into your skin and help to make your skin look plump, push out fine lines and wrinkles and it even helps with acne and blackheads.

As if three targeted and high-tech treatments weren’t enough, throughout the facial is a hand, foot and head massage that are so relaxing I wouldn’t blame a busy bride-to-be for falling asleep.

I finished the treatment with glowing skin, feeling kilos lighter for all of the dead skin that was sloughed off my face and completely in zen mode. Not only that, but your skin therapist makes sure you take home the knowledge you need to properly care for your skin in the days post-treatment and the routine of products you need to keep your skin in top condition.

There’s over 100 Endota spas located throughout Australia. You can locate the spa closest to you on their website.