Thinking of Swapping Blonde For Brunette? Read this first.

So you’ve seen Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid playing tricks on us at the Balmain Paris Fashion Week Show and now you want to change your hair colour?
Before you go ahead, make sure you read this expert advice from Keune’s Creative Director Roberto Tarla, as this change isn’t as easy as you might first think!
If you are a blonde and want to go darker, ‘warm’ colours need to be your friend. If you darken your hair without a warm undertone to ‘fill’ the hair first, you’ll end up with that nice army green brown. That’s a look no one wants! A red, or warm base means you’ll end up with a beautiful rich and longer lasting colour. Think dark chocolate or barista brown!
If you are going blonde to brown, then you probably have a toning or purple shampoo currently sitting in your bathroom. Now that you have coloured hair, you need to use a shampoo that helps keep the intensity and brightness of your new hue, so that it will last longer. Your first colour will usually fade a bit quicker than normal. as the blonde colour underneath means the hair may still be porous, so using the correct hair care is very important.
Changing your hair colour from blonde to brunette or vice versa is a huge process, and one that should not be taken lightly or completed at home with a box colour.
To get the best result, always go to see a professional hairdresser. They are trained to understand how hair works, and know how colours should be mixed to get the perfect result. If you don’t see a hairdresser and opt for the at-home DIY job, you’ll most likely have to go see a hairdresser anyway as the colour won’t turn out right. This will end up costing you a lot more to fix, than if you just went to the hairdresser in the first place.
If you do decide to take the blonde to brunette plunge, just remember it is a big process to get back to blonde and will take time. Again, see a professional hairdresser for this process, as it can be quite damaging on hair if it is not managed correctly. Using professional products is also important during this process.
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