These Seven Foods Could Be the Answer to Your Dry Skin

People who suffer from dry skin understand the eternal struggle to combat flakiness and unwanted texture and the frequent disappointment of waking up with tight and cracked skin no matter how many moisturisers or masks you’ve slapped on.

It seems that no matter how much time, effort, money or love you invest into your dry skin, little does more than offer a temporary reprieve.

So maybe it’s time to take a different approach? Our skin is our largest organ (a fun little trivia fact!) so treating it from the inside, like any other organ, can make a huge difference on its health and exterior appearance.

Of course, you’ve probably been told hundreds of times that if you want to cure your dry skin, you should drink more water. But even hitting your recommended daily intake and then some can still leave you looking and feeling lacklustre.

That’s where food comes in. It may seem like a foreign concept to be preparing your meals with your skin in mind rather than your gut health or tastebuds, but after all, we are what we eat. Our skin needs certain nutrients to be able to replenish itself and continue with strength on its 28-day cycle of shedding and regenerating. While vitamins and beauty supplements have become a popular and useful way of getting your glow back, nothing quite beats the real deal.

Here are seven foods that are great for moisturising dry skin…

  1. Fatty fish – Omega 3 fatty acids found in fish such as tuna and salmon do wonders for repairing and hydrating your skin protective barrier so it can better absorb and retain moisture from both internal and external sources.

  1. Avocado – Millennials may not be so misguided in their obsession with smashed avo. The stone fruit is loaded with vitamin E, good fats and a host of minerals and antioxidants that moisturise your skin and prevent signs of aging.

  1. Nuts – Similar to avocado, nuts contain an abundance of vitamin E and healthy fats that nourish your skin and bring it hydration. The anti-oxidant benefits of vitamin E can also protect from oxidative cell damage caused by UV rays.

  1. Beans – These cupboard staples are loaded with zinc that can help to boost the production of collagen in your skin that speeds up the repair process for smooth and plump skin.

  1. Cucumber – Being made up of 90% water makes cucumbers a refreshing and highly hydrating snack. They’re also high in vitamins A and C that work to repair and prevent damage to your skin.

  1. Sweet Potatoes – Orange root vegetables like sweet potato are high in both vitamin A and C, two very important antioxidants that help to repair skin at a cellular level and protect it from further damage that’s causing it to be dry.

  1. Probiotics – Studies are increasingly linking our gut health to the external appearance of our skin so nourishing your healthy bacteria with probiotics can go a long way to preventing internal issues that are causing your skin to be dry. Pick up foods like sugar-free yoghurt, sauerkraut and tempeh.

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