These Celebs Embracing Their Curly Hair Is The Perfect Summer Hair Inspo

Curly hair is a trend that has always been in fashion in one iteration or another but more often than not it involved heat or chemical styling your hair beyond repair to achieve a ‘natural’ looking curl. Whether it was the tight spiral of yesteryears or the loose and voluminous styles we’ve seen spread in popularity more recently, no curly haired style at the top of the trends ever encouraged women to embrace their wild, unruly and uncontrollable texture, until now!

Of course, there are plenty of women of colour who have always rocked their natural texture and looked flawless doing it. But many of us had been left to feel like our non-uniform curls and kinky bits needed to at least be tamed with products until they were tousled enough to be considered beachy. Now, there are countless celebs rocking their wild curls in all of their messy glory, serving as the perfect inspiration for you to put down the heat stylers and embrace the natural shape of your hair this Summer. Here are a few favourites…

Camila Cabello

Camila is regularly seen with her natural curls on full display and we’ve even seen many of her up-do looks still embracing her natural curl. It’s clear her mother told her stay away from the straightener growing up because her healthy locks look amazing in their natural state.

Image – @camila_cabello

Sarah Jessica Parker

If Carrie Bradshaw isn’t your ultimate curly-haired icon, you need to go back to the first episode of Sex and The City and binge the entire series. The actress’ throwback featuring her uber-curly hair posted on her Instagram is just what Carrie would have wanted.

Image – @sarahjessicaparker


We got a glorious taste of Zendaya’s natural curls throughout her hit TV series, Euphoria, but the actress also isn’t afraid to let her frizz fly in high fashion photoshoots and red carpet apperances.

Image – @zendaya

Miley Cyrus

Despite the fact there’s probably a whole tube of styling product in Miley’s hair to achieve this wet-look, the singer is still advocating for an un-done and a little all over the place wave. You’d be able to easily achieve a look like this yourself with some shine-enhancing styling products and your air-dried hair.

Image – @mileycyrus

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