These Are the Biggest Hair Colour Trends for Summer

There’s nothing like a bit of warm weather to inspire a new beauty look and what better way to welcome the new season than with a new hair colour?

I love that even the subtlest bit of colour change in your hair can freshen up your whole look for Summer with minimal effort. While we’ve seen a few bright and bold makeovers on our favourite celebs lately, this season’s hair colour trends are all about small changes that bring freshness without requiring weekly trips to the hair salon.

Hazelnut Brown

For years’ bright blonde has reigned supreme for Summer but we’re seeing more and more celebs step out with rich brown locks. The secret is in very subtle caramel highlights throughout the ends that are only a shade or two lighter than the rest of the hair to avoid a monotone colour.


Image from instagram @mandymooremm



No matter what your hair colour, babylights are a quick way to add dimension and volume while freshening up your look. They’re a softer alternative to highlights and it requires very minimal maintenance to maintain the natural look.

Image from instagram @rosiehw


Subtle Ombre

As a more toned down version of the famed balayage look, subtle ombre hair utilises your natural colour at the roots and gradually lightens to give you a soft, lived in colour. Lighter highlights are mixed in with lowlights throughout the end to add brightness and definition without making your hair colour look too ‘done’.

Image from instagram @guy_tang


Rusted Blonde

This creamy blonde with a soft copper tint couldn’t scream Summer any louder. Although keeping your exact tone will take a bit of maintenance, long days spent in the sun will only enhance the sun kissed look.

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