The Wonder-Treatment For Stubborn Fat

As you’re peeling off those knits and revealing post winter arms and bellies, do you bemoan those trouble spots that don’t seem to budge no matter how many tricep dips you do (or cheesy dips you avoid)?

Sometimes, no matter how much you diet and exercise, wobbly bits refuse to budge. As we lose weight, the size of the fat cells becomes smaller, but typically do not decrease in number. Even with diet and exercise, many people have difficulty losing weight in these trouble areas.

Thankfully, there’s now dramatic advances in cosmetic procedures to re-sculpt your body and permanently reduce body fat – without taking to the operating table.

If you’re stressing about the bulges on your tummy , buttocks and thighs – not to mention those dreaded love handles – then head to Shape Clinic in Sydney, who are experts in providing SculpSure treatments for permanent fat reduction.

So, what is SculpSure, you ask?

SculpSure is the first FDA-cleared laser that brings the science of laser technology to the art of body contouring. It uses heat to treat multiple areas simultaneously, regardless of your body shape – and enjoy a slimmer physique in under half an hour, with no downtime. The 25 minute procedure destroys up to 24% of treated fat cells without surgery – so you can have the treatment during your lunch hour and return to work immediately. Zero downtime!

Most women will see results with only one treatment, with results visible at around 6 weeks as the body begins to flush out the destroyed fat cells. Optimal results will be seen at 12 weeks. Dr Liew from Shape Clinic tells me some patients may wish to have additional treatments based on desired results.

What happens in a treatment?

You’ll feel a tingling, nervy sensation intermittently throughout the treatment which is entirely tolerable.
What this means is that treated fat cells are permanently destroyed during the treatment and will not regenerate!

Typically, the number of fat cells stored in our bodies remains constant throughout adult life, but after the SculpSure treatment, the destroyed fat cells will never return. You can treat multiple areas in one day but if doing multiple treatments in the same area, Shape Clinic recommend waiting 6 weeks between treatments.

After 6 weeks I could definitely see an impressive improvement on my stomach.

Where is Sculpsure available?

Shape Clinic in Darlinghurst Sydney.

One thing Shape Clinic can do better than anyone else is capture, protect and amplify that natural beauty through all the stages of your life.

As we age, our bodies can reveal the years and this is a treatment really dedicated to helping you restore your shapeliness and youth. As Dr Liew says, “you don’t have to settle for less than you deserve to be”.

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