The Ultimate Guide to Buying Beauty Online

shutterstock_147861467 NAIL POLISH SMALL Don’t be fooled girls… sometimes that amazingly cheap price tag is just too good to be true! It’s a little crazy out there in the beauty world as plenty of sites are trying to grab your money and provide you with old expired, used or fake products, and a lot of us fall for it because it’s cheap and it looks authentic.So it’s no surprise that many women get confused as to which beauty shopping sites are legit and which one’s are not. There are many sites out there that are a part of what is known as the  “Grey Market” in which they often sell unofficial, unauthorized products and even counterfeit products, therefore they’re able to import and sell these products cheaply, which would otherwise be more expensive in the country to which they are being imported. Because here in Australia we tend to pay a lot more than our friends overseas for cosmetics and perfume it can be very tempting to purchase heavily discounted products online but let me tell you, counterfeits are rife, even retailers are finding it hard to differentiate between the fakes and the real deal. While counterfeit products may look and feel the same, the ingredients used to make the fake products are mostly cheap and nasty and can cause rashes, burns and even respiratory problems. Often the fakes smell different to the real thing, however fake perfumes can sometimes be cleverly matched in fragrance by watering down the product, but if you test the product on a card it usually won’t last half an hour!  In some cases where the products weren’t fake they were often old and out of date, sometimes over 7 years old! YUK… I know I don’t want any old or out of date skin care going on my skin. So here is an online shopping guide of my favourite trustworthy sites that sell fantastic brands and products.

Happy Shopping!


When you can go homegrown why wouldn’t you?!

1. Lulu and Lipstick- Award winning Australian Business Woman Fleur Madden created this online beauty site when she returned from living in New York as she was disappointed that her favorite beauty brands were not available in Australia. So thanks to her we can enjoy some great beauty brands.

2. Adore Beauty- Australian owned and founded by Kate Morris. This site is one of Australia’s leading online shopping destinations for beauty products and cosmetics with over 120 cosmetic brands and 4000 plus beauty care products. Standard shipping on all orders, within Australia is free and you get free samples with every order, plus you can receive expert beauty advice from trained makeup artists. What’s not to love about this site?

3. Australia’s largest online beauty retailer founded by James Patten with free shipping on orders over $99 and a hassle free 120 day return policy. Hundreds of brands including KMS, Skinstitute, Clarins and many more!

4. David Jones-For most people they live near a David Jones, but some stores don’t carry every beauty product. The David Jones online website offers over a 100 different beauty products that are available to with just the click of your mouse.

5. MECCA COSMETICA- Founded by Australian Jo Horga. Mecca offers an exclusive edit of over 100 different luxe beauty brands from Nars to YSL.


6. NET-A-PORTER- This high fashion website isn’t just full of designer wear, but sells high end beauty products which can be tricky to buy in the Australian beauty market. Founded by Natalie Massenet, this site is full of luxurious products. A perfect site to treat yourself or someone special.

7. Is the UK’s largest online beauty retailer, offering thousands of products across a broad range and also offering affordable luxury with their own brand BeautyBay The Collection. When located to the site it instantly translates into Australian dollars so there is no need to work out the price difference. An extra bonus is that worldwide shipping is free.

8. in 2005 this online beauty site is Europe’s largest online premium beauty retailer. The site sells over a thousand different products from high end to drugstore products. The beauty with this site is that you are introduced to European brands you may not have heard of so it’s fun to have a browse and look at all the different products. This site also directly put the currency into Australian dollars.

Click on the names of the stores above to visit them.