The Ultimate Guide To A Perfect Tan

vogue-australia-april-2011To often we see the tell tale signs of tanning gone wrong- streaky marks, orange hands, and a similarity to an ooompa loompa. So how do we get the perfect fake tan?

A good looking fake tan comes down to these important factors- product, prep, and application. If you give these factors some consideration before you get tanning the ‘perfect tan’ can be achieved much easier than you’d think.


Some fake tans are just no good. No matter how well you apply them they will just look orange. The colour is in the product so ask your friends, try a few out and figure out which tanning products have the best colour.

Choose a product which has colour options like light, med, deep etc…. If you are fair skinned choose the lighter option, if you use a colour too dark it will look streaky and less natural. If you want to build the colour re apply the following day rather  than using a dark colour on the first instance.

The same rules apply for a spray tan. While a professional tan will give you a flawless application, the end colour is still a result of the product they use so ask around and see which salons offer  products that have great colour.


Preparation for a fake tan is imperative. Keep in mind that any dead skin build up you have on your body will grab the tan and look uneven. Make sure you thoroughly exfoliate using a body scrub, exfoliating glove or loofah in the days leading up to your tan. Remember to exfoliate the knees, elbows, armpits, neck, and feet- areas which people often forget about.

When you are about to apply the tan make sure you have clean skin with no make-up, body lotion or deodorant on it. make-up and body lotion will stop the tan from developing while deodorant can make the tan turn a greenish tinge under the armpits!

Make sure you shave or wax before you tan, both of these hair removal methods will strip your tan straight off. After application make sure you don’t sweat too much and make sure you wear loose clothing.


If you are applying your own fake tan do yourself a favour and invest in a tanning mitt. Most brands make these now and they cost anywhere from $5 to $15. A mitt ensures your hands stay clean and there is no chance of getting those annoying orange palms. A mitt will also give you a smoother application.

Make sure you cover your entire body, front, back and sides of the arms and legs and just lightly over your elbows and knees. If you don’t have someone to apply the tan on your back you can buy back tan

applicators now which are super handy! (see below)

Have a tan remover on hand just in case. These come in lotions, scrubs and eraser like sponges. The tan remover sponges are a great idea and work like an eraser on streak marks.

If you are getting a spray tan you don’t have to worry about the application your spray tanner will do it all for you!

Every Tanners worst Nightmare!

Every tanners worst nightmare!


My favourite Self Tanning Products- Bondi Sands Mousse, St Tropez mousse, Model Co Tan in a Can, Le Tan Face tan gel

My favourite self tanning products- Bondi Sands Mousse, St Tropez Mousse, Model Co Tan In A Can, Le Tan Face Tanning Gel

Loving Tan Back Applicator and Bondi Sands Tanning Mitt

Loving Tan Back Applicator and Bondi Sands Tanning Mitt


The Bronze Buffer is a soft velvety sponge which works like an eraser on streak marks.

The Bronze Buffer is a soft velvety sponge which works like an eraser on streak marks.


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