The Taylor Swift Transformation

Taylor Swift is one of those enviable women who legitimately seems to live the perfect life. She’s attained the ultimate #squad goals, she is at the top of the game in her career, and she has an equally successful boyfriend who looks like a keeper. It’s hard not to feel somewhat jealous of women like this, but there’s something about Taylor that makes her so damn likeable.

We watched her transform from a talented teenage country music star, into a hugely successful Grammy Award winning artist. Taylor never seemed to go through that ‘awkward looking teenager’ phase, but she has certainly undergone a swan-like transformation in recent years. These days, she rolls around town with her Victoria’s Secret model pals, and could easily be mistaken for a supermodel herself.

After experimenting with her look, Swift has figured out what works for her and sticks to her own tried and tested formula. Here are her secrets to looking fierce from the gym to the red carpet.

The Hair

When Taylor was first starting out, long blonde curly hair was her signature. This look was perfect for a young country music star, but after transitioning to pop she opted for an edgier layered cut. Most recently at the iHeartRadio Music Awards, she rocked a blunt bob. Her hair colour is kept fairly natural with variations of beige and cool blonde tones added to give extra dimension. Choosing a variation of colour over one flat shade is a subtle way to change up your look without committing to a dramatic transformation.

 The Bod

Taylor doesn’t just hang out with supermodels, she works out with them. BFF and workout buddy Karlie Kloss is regularly seen working out with Taylor at Body By Simone in LA, a popular dance-based workout class. Aside from regular workouts the singer chooses to eat healthy during the week, but enjoys comfort food and spiced pumpkin lattes on the weekends.

 The Makeup

True love is hard to find, but Taylor found it in black eyeliner. With naturally blonde eyebrows and eyelashes, it can be difficult to make your features stand out. Smoky eye makeup brings out her baby blues, which can get lost without makeup. She usually pairs a dramatic smoky eye with a soft rose or nude lip. Another Taylor signature is of course red lips with a winged eyeliner. For more details on how to recreate Taylor’s makeup looks, read her Style Stalker File.


Taylor’s style has come a long way since bohemian dresses and cowboy boots. These days her style is part retro chic and part model off duty, which she pulls off seamlessly. Regardless of whether she’s heading to the gym, a hot date or a night out with her girl squad, she always looks perfectly put-together.