The Skincare Products That Will Actually Get Rid of Your Acne

No one likes having to deal with acne but for many, it’s just a part of life. While it’s nothing to be ashamed of, we’ve all experienced the embarrassment of having a zit the size of Jupiter on your chin. You end up spending half the morning trying to expertly disguise it then the rest of the day anxiously hoping no one notices it. Not fun.

Treating acne has become serious business in the skincare world but with so many products telling us they’re ‘the one’, big promises often lead to big disappointments. That’s why we’ve spent years researching, trialling and researching some more to find a routine that was actually going to kick acne breakouts for good.

Whether you just get the occasional spot or are suffering from persistent breakouts, these are the acne fighting products you should try…

Cosmedix Purity Solution Oil Cleanser

Life changing may seem a little dramatic but there is no other way to describe this silky oil cleanser. It digs in deep to break down and remove all traces of makeup, dirt and grime from your face without drying it out or leaving a sticky residue. It’s a cosmeceutical product so you can be confident that a lot of science has gone into perfecting this first step of your routine.

Skinstitut Gentle Cleanser

Often when we think of fighting acne we think of cleansers loaded with AHAs, BHAs, absorbent clays or detoxifying ingredients. However, when you’re using so many other products containing those ingredients, you need to be giving your skin a little break. That’s where the Gentle Cleanser comes in. It’s a simple yet effective formulation to clean your face without being too harsh and allows your other products to do the hard work.

PCA Detoxifying Mask

As an incredibly absorbent mineral, charcoal is great at drawing out impurities from your pores and absorbing excess oil. What’s even better about PCA’s charcoal mask is that it doesn’t leave your skin feeling tight and dry and doesn’t over absorb oils leaving your balance off, often leading to even oiler skin. It’s tough on breakouts and works to unclog pores that could lead to acne.

Société Blemish Clarifying Complex

We all know that AHA’s and BHA’s do a great job of clearing pores, removing pore clogging dead cells from the skins surface and encouraging skin cell turnover for a fresher complexion. The pair are a much-loved acne fighting duo and highly effective yet many products have you simply wipe it on and straight back off. The beauty of Société’s Blemish treatment is that you’re able to leave the gel on your face allowing it to absorb into your skin and be working harder for longer for better results. The powerful formulation can clear spots overnight and works just as well on blackheads as it does cystic acne or white heads (trust me, I’ve used it on all three!)

Aspect Resveratrol Moisturising Crème

While it’s not specifically designed for treating acne, this anti-aging moisturiser contains resveratrol that helps to protect your skin’s surface and ward off negative environmental influences such as UV rays and pollution. It helps to re-nourish your complexion and avoid other acne fighting products from drying you out too much while making your skin look brighter – exactly what you want when you’re breaking out!


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